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No Heroes
Owen Mar 11, 2014 @ 3:09pm
Parkour improvements
I'd like to see the parkour be a little more in-depth, because I feel that it'll be a HUGE element in gameplay.

First off... Wall runs, the ability to run across a wall for 7-8 feet would be (in my opinion) a huge supplement to the gameplay, as well as making you feel more like a ninja.
I'd also like to see the player be able to bounce off of walls, a lot of real-life parkour involves jumping between walls to reach a high location.

Just my two-cents.

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Mikeysole Mar 12, 2014 @ 7:44pm 
hmm i see intresting
hi-hat May 18, 2014 @ 10:25am 
I agree that the parkour needs to be fleshed out, but realism should be at the core. Having a realistic parkour system would make it much more rewarding (at least in feel).

1) The game needs a dash vault. If the player is sprinting at a waist-high object, they should be able to clear it without slowing down. Instead, as of right now (like in most games), the player runs to the object and swings over it ("lazy vault"), thus breaking the flow. It can be incoperated smoothly with a simple button combo of the "jump" key and "slide" key, or something of the like. But please, no automatic trigger methods - sprinting will just become aggrivating.

2) Climbing. As of right now, you can't actually suspend or hang from a ledge. This is key in parkour (and in a quality shooter). I'm not sure how I can explain this more in depth, but I guess I can give you some examples. Take a look at Uncharted's multiplayer. Now obviously that game is going for a very different feel, but it's climbing demonstrates what I'm talking about very well. From each climbable point, the player can (a) move along the ledge side-to-side, (b) jump to a nearby ledge, (c) drop, (d) pull out a handgun and shoot, or (e) throw a grenade. These, of course, are only true if it's plausible. For example you cant shimmy along a window - there's nowhere to go.

3) Wall running and jumping. This is pretty self-explanitory. Players should be allowed to reach higher locations by using walls or other objects. Once again, though, it should be kept realistic. No multi-"wall bounce" chains.

Finally, there are a few universal aspects that need to be adressed. Players should be allowed to fire their weapons at any point during parkour, at the cost of accuracy, speed, and vulnerability. Also, maybe most importantly, the game needs great animations. I understand that they are hard to create and implement well, but it's vital. Things like the guns magically appearing/disappering when the player starts climbing shouldn't happen. He is free to tackle this in anyway he perfers, but I hope it's realistic and looks good.
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