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Ballpoint Universe: Infinite
Zigzag  [sviluppatore] 5 ott 2012, ore 11:52
New Name
Hola! Apparently 'college ruled' is a term specific to American notebooks, so If anyone has a clever and charming idea for a new Title, place it here! Must convey the theme of the game. Cheers!
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srsly 6 ott 2012, ore 21:15 
The best I can think of is "Scratch Universe".
andy71 7 ott 2012, ore 0:53 
I quite like "Inkling"
I'll try and think of some more :)
Ultima modifica da andy71; 7 ott 2012, ore 1:01
Fingus 7 ott 2012, ore 1:42 
Notebook/Doodle/Sketch/Lined Paper/Doodlebug + Universe/Adventure/Shooter/Journey/Hero/Quest
Mon Zombo 7 ott 2012, ore 11:13 
Fountain Pen Perils
H. 7 ott 2012, ore 21:56 
I got it: Drawn-to-Life Universe. :P
soh_cah_toa 7 ott 2012, ore 22:31 
Scribble Scrabble
Ballpoint Reverie
The Daydreamer's Motif
Ink Conception
Oodles and Doodles
Universe No. 2
Forgotten Musings
Etched Reflection
The Mural Effect

Just to name a few...
Zigzag  [sviluppatore] 7 ott 2012, ore 23:15 
Messaggio originale di soh_cah_toa:
Scribble Scrabble
Ballpoint Reverie
Universe No. 2
Forgotten Musings

Just to name a few...

Dude, these are so fitting. You win. I'm gonna talk Ballpoint Reverie over with my partner!
kerning 19 ott 2012, ore 21:36 
I dunno about that. I liked either Inkling, Ballpoint Universe, or Mural Universe.
Zigzag  [sviluppatore] 19 ott 2012, ore 21:41 
Kerning: We're sticking with Ballpoint Universe. This thread is from before the name change.
[H0T] SuperBiasedMan 8 nov 2012, ore 4:02 
Ahhh, THIS explains the original name. XD
//𝒦𝑜𝓃𝑔... 30 gen 2013, ore 15:00 
Scrapbook escape
Living Ink
Free mind
The Ink-redible Escape
//𝒦𝑜𝓃𝑔... 30 gen 2013, ore 15:00 
aww i just red the other comment :/
ZephyrN 29 lug 2013, ore 21:38 
Looks interesting.
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