Greenlight zostało wycofane. Więcej informacji o tym, jak wydawać gry na Steam znajdziesz w tym wpisie na blogu.
Project: Make
Steffe 15 stycznia 2013 o 9:37
After a kickstarter and not getting through the last greenlighting, it's finally here :) Well deserved too, though not a moment too soon.
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Supereor 15 stycznia 2013 o 12:56 
Great, now we just have to wait until Q4 for the game to release D:
Congrats! :-)
W4rl0ck 19 stycznia 2013 o 7:26 
Can't wait to buy it ;D
Hades 21 stycznia 2013 o 22:03 
when can we expect to see a relase date?
ToastedPickle 27 lutego 2013 o 12:02 
Hey, Thats great! Whens the release date bro?
Vermicide 19 czerwca 2013 o 10:30 
ToastedPickle 13 sierpnia 2013 o 13:05 
when can we expect to see a relase date?
Quater four "Q4" of this year so like pretty soon
JolanXBL 15 sierpnia 2013 o 14:26 
How about an update video? All information stops at March 2013 :(
solfinder 30 września 2013 o 15:57 
I know after the kickstarter there is a website that you can donate to and be part of the kickstarter group. does anyone have a link to it?
SantaSomethings 16 lutego 2014 o 18:31 
The game was cancelled.
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