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My extra Map pieces! - Beta Version

You like XCOM 2 (most noticed within Long War 2) as much as I do, but kinda get sick to see almost always the same map pieces? Welcome to my Map Project!


Q: Can I use your mod without Long War?
A: Yes, it's made for XCOM 2 and not specific Long War depentable. Long War brings you more missions which means more opportunities to run into my modded map pieces.

Q: Why is the mod in Beta?
A: Because I may forget to move rats, pigeons and othe minor details to the correct location, or forget to include them at all.

Currently included:

PCP - City Center: + 215 (Finished)
PCP - Slums: + 172 (Finished)
PCP - Small Town: + 158 (Finished)

Parcel - City Center: + 4

Check "Change Notes" to find out what has been added!

On a sidenote: Normally on Wednesday & Friday I play some XCOM 2 on twitch. So if you want to drop in to say "Hi" or perhaps be lucky to catch a glimpse of one of my PCP's you are more then welcome: https://www.twitch.tv/doctor_mandarb
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Doctor Mandarb  [author] May 17 @ 1:50pm 
*nods* You will be fine.

Update for all: I'm changing from Windows 7 to Windows 10, and that will take days. Once everyhing works again, I'll continue to work on the mod. I'll keep you up to date.
ØniKanji May 17 @ 1:01pm 
Ah ok, thanks man :D
Insufferable Smartypants May 17 @ 12:26pm 
They should work fine. These packs just add to the total possible combinations without conflicting with one another.
ØniKanji May 17 @ 12:21pm 
If I use a handful of other map mods will this one still work?
Doctor Mandarb  [author] May 2 @ 3:24am 
@Major Chafe if you look at the Change Notes, you see what I've added / done.

But to answer it here. A few Plaza PCP's (those walkways with trees and benches and stuff inside the City Center. The next updates will include more of the Plaza and Park items in order to finish up my PCP - City Center part. After that, I move on to Wilderness parts.
Major Chafe May 1 @ 6:28pm 
What was in the update?
Doctor Mandarb  [author] Apr 26 @ 3:54am 
In case somebody is wondering why there hasn't been an update in a few days.

Work is keeping me busy, I do hope to be able to release a few more updates this comming weekend.
Doctor Mandarb  [author] Apr 16 @ 9:46am 
The only conflict that will happen between different Mod PCP's or Parcels is when both / multiple mods use the same name for the added content.

Since I add _Doc to all of my stuff, you should be save. Unless somebody out there makes a mod to counter my mod and names all his stuff like mine, in order to cause a problem.

The not real night missions problem comes from the mission files themselfs, and they are brought to you by Long War 2 for the most part.

@=[NK]= Col. Jack O'Neil The problem with the limited variations of the houses is known to me. As far as I've seen, most often there is only 1 sometimes 2 building variations. That makes for a limited number of map variations you can get. I plan to make some more variations on the houses too, but that's a bit further into the future.

If you find a good mod(s) that adds more variations let me know. As modding houses is hard work. Since there is a lot more detail and stuff involved, including destructable walls, roofs, etc.
=[NK]= Col. Jack O'Neil Apr 16 @ 7:40am 
Ok, I just wanted to throw the question out there in case there was something I'm missing.. I mean, I'm not having any major conflicts that I'm aware of.. Except no real night missions.. But that could be coming from anywhere!
Dragon32 Apr 16 @ 6:56am 
@=[NK]= Col. Jack O'Neil:
That really depends on how many new parcels they add. This one adds four and a whole bunch of PCPs. I think unique parcels (or re-jiggered vanilla ones) are still relatively rare compared with the number in the vanilla game, even with all the map packs out there loaded.