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Cities: Skylines

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Loading Screen Mod [Test]
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Loading Screen Mod [Test]

Update Aug 17, 2017

Added support for the new DLC.
Added support for the new asset file format.

Update March 8, 2017

Loading Screen Mod has now the same features as this mod, including the fast asset loader:
- I recommend the [Test] version for sending logs because [Test] creates better log files.
- I recommend Loading Screen Mod for general use (less logging means less overhead).

You can subscribe to Loading Screen Mod and this [Test] version at the same time. But please make sure only one of them is enabled!

This mod is documented on the Loading Screen Mod page.

How to test

The purpose of this page is to find the remaining issues if any. Did you find something worth reporting? If unsure, compare by loading with this mod disabled. Submit your findings below. I also need your output_log.txt from the [Test] run (in Steam\steamapps\common\Cities_Skylines\Cities_Data, paste the log to Gist, then submit the Gist link below). Thanks for testing!

Using cities-skylines-detour[] by Sebastian Schöner.

Sources are available.[]
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thale5  [author] Sep 20 @ 6:30am 
@GDSA MUSIC First person camera mods are sometimes problematic. Especially if you use more than one.
GDSA MUSIC Sep 19 @ 10:13am 
there is a problem with the tiles and the camera
GDSA MUSIC Sep 19 @ 10:05am 
@thale5 i think it is not about the assets , i only have like 800 , and it worked when i have like 1500 or 2000 , i think it's a mod
thale5  [author] Sep 18 @ 9:20am 
@GDSA MUSIC Problem solving is not always easy. After the crash, open your output_log.txt in an editor. Search for 'exception' and 'error' to find some clues. Sometimes you can recognize the name of a mod near the error message but not always.

If you use many custom assets, the crash could be the result of running out of RAM.
GDSA MUSIC Sep 17 @ 2:27am 
hey , i want to know , with the log files , how to know which mod causes the crash of the game ?
Ronyx69 Aug 23 @ 11:12am 
@thale5 Ok, I posted it in the discussion on simtropolis:
thale5  [author] Aug 23 @ 8:43am 
@Ronyx69 I just confirmed the game bug we discussed below. Just like assumed, it is a bug in asset uploading that leads to a version mismatch between the asset header and its body.

It is a nasty bug. Even looking at the asset in Content Manager was toxic for the game.
thale5  [author] Aug 22 @ 12:13am 
@Ronyx69 Sounds like there is a new bug in Asset uploading then. It could go like this:
- an asset with file format = 5 is selected for uploading
- the uploader modifies the asset header, marks it as format = 6 but does not update the file body
- later, loading the asset fails because of the file format mismatch.
Please note that this is still speculation because I cannot test right now.
Ronyx69 Aug 21 @ 11:44pm 
@thale5 Try simply reuploading an asset that was saved pre1.8, why does it break? I'm not the only one, happened to my theme decals, had to resave all of it, also happened to jerenable, lost gecko, armesto... all assets saved pre1.8 and uploaded post1.8 fail to load. So does the game falsely report 5 as 6, if published post1.8 ? Even worse some of those other people can't even update the asset, the asset iself is so broken, it shows an incorrect picture in content manager, and when updating, the folder doesn't open so they can't even update it to fix it. If you want first hand reports, contact Armesto or Jerenable. BTW I'm not saying this is your fault in any way, this happens without LSM as well...
thale5  [author] Aug 21 @ 11:36pm 
@Ronyx69 Assets with format = 5 are loaded as format 5. Assets with format = 6 are loaded as format 6.