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CSGO Virtues | Sticker Collection

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Inspired by virtues and tarot principles-CSGO Virtues is a brand new themed sticker collection to deck your gun out with. Created by Red Moon.

Thank you for your support and we hope you guys like it! Check out the video to see the finishes in motion. Cheers.
Items (9)
XIV - Temperance (Sticker)
Created by Puffin (•⌔• )
XIV -Temperance: Balanced and moderate, the eco round is a necessity for overcoming obstacles in later rounds. Whether it be a trusty Glock or a silent USP-S, in skilled hands they can turn a match around against the most dangerously armed foes.

XIII - Death (Sticker)
Created by Puffin (•⌔• )
XIII - Death: A constant in the world of CSGO. One must accept that death is inevitable during the push and pull of any match Let go of all superficial ties and focus on surviving and leading your team to victory. Become death.

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XI - Justice (Sticker)
Created by Puffin (•⌔• )
XI - Justice: Justice is impartial, justice is victory, justice is fair. To anyone that dares defy the rules of this world, justice will eventually catch up to you and deliver a harsh sentence. Overwatch awaits you.

X - Wheel of Fortune (Sticker)
Created by Puffin (•⌔• )
X - Wheel of Fortune: The case decides your future- Will it offer you riches or disappoint you with a mil spec? Your inventory awaits it's decision.
VIII - Strength (Sticker)
Created by Puffin (•⌔• )
VIII - Strength: The pillar of any good team, the immovable rock, the carry. Against all odds he leads his team to victory and keeps a cool demeanor.
IV - The Emperor (Sticker)
Created by Puffin (•⌔• )
IV - The Emperor: Unyielding power and fearful presence, the Emperor is the symbol of power hiearchy and ego. Beware crossing his path.
III - The Empress (Sticker)
Created by Puffin (•⌔• )
III - The Empress: Calculating and cunning, the Empress represents the embodiment of growth and rebirth. The Phoenix can be cut down, but never truly dies.
I - Magician (Sticker)
Created by Puffin (•⌔• )
I - The Magician: How did he land that shot? Where did he come from? The magicians are a constant in CSGO- Landing wallbangs, impossible shots and appearing to predict the future on a whim. Are they friends of the talented variety, or destined for Overwatc...
0 - The Fool (Sticker)
Created by Puffin (•⌔• )
0 - The Fool: The newbie, the trainee, the silver - Simply beginning his journey, he must juggle the many responsibilities this game throws at him and learn his place in the world. Everyone begins their journey a fool.

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