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Items (182)
Created by Aynekko
A complete remake "from scratch" of the classic map de_airstrip. Previous version of this remake was available for CS:S, also made by me....
Created by H.Grunt
Remake of a classic map from CS 1.6.

CS:GO remake by H.Grunt
Original Version by TYR
Night sky by Mr. Chop

Sep 13 major update:
-Nighttime (woot)
-New T spawn
-T side upstairs is now at the ground level
-Moved the ladder at Loading Dock
-Changed SWAT to ...
Created by H.Grunt
cs_thunder was an official hostage rescue map that has made its only appearance in CS 1.1 but not afterwards, likely due to certain balance issues. In the remake I attempted to correct them.

Key changes in comparison to the original layout:
- Left on...
Created by Jake
New Deathmatch map
Это не финальная версия. Будет время, закончу...
Created by Kampy*
A small but tactical map for 2-10 players. The police have unloaded on the street and are ready to storm the house where terrorists hold three hostages....
Created by LnG
This is a remake of the 1.6 oilrig map. the map is using a VIP gamemode script that do not need any external plugins to work. Just run the map as it is! (If you run it with bots, do not take control over a bot when dead)

Remember this is only a beta, plea...
cs_mansion _re
Created by mac
retextured for me and friends...
Created by josé Ramone
Map change by myself rebalancing the map for Css Csgo....
Created by josé Ramone
Voici ma version de_piranesi j'ai re fait l'architecture avec des nouveaux passages.

Version beta...
Created by josé Ramone
Map Version de_prodigy_csgo_se competition.

New entry and middle bunker....
Created by josé Ramone
Map change by Verminbe....
Created by Moo | CALR
This is the Final version of Mill. The name has been changed for the reasons of, people who downloaded Mill from Diff sites will get an error.

Mill-CE Changelog:
--Changed Inside lighting around the entire map.
--Added an entrance to B-Control from SA2 ...
Created by Moo | CALR
Beta 3 of de_mill...Name has also been changed.

Servers will need to change the map rotation txt to de_mill since the name has been changed....
Created by sNyp
de_inferno_sk by SOLTEK...
Created by Overlord
Plane with extremely valuable information crashed in the horrible place where the nature does not spare anybody. The terrorists have learned about what happens in these places and in a hurry to get this things. Who take its toll?...
Created by Pandorazero
Map by Pandorazero.
Classic de_dus2 from CS:1.6 for CS:GO
Created by Pandorazero
Map by Pandorazero
Map beta version
Classic de_nuke from CS:1.6 for CS:GO...
Created by spinm ツ
After waiting for one and a half years on de_tuscan by Brutesmaps, we decided to create one of our own based on both the source and 1.6 version.


Map created by SPiNM...
Created by Truyn
Zombie mod...
This is a remake of the well known map cs_estate from Counter-Strike 1.6.
I tried to keep it pretty close to the original one but still visually upgraded to fit the modern CS:GO style.
This map is ready for the latest CS:GO update....
Created by Xenosaj
This 64-player zombie survival map is based on the X-Men mansion from Marvel Heroes. My goal was to make an aesthetically pleasing map while retaining the fun of facing down zombies. The mansion contains a foyer, classrooms, auditorium, bedrooms, bathrooms...
Created by
Beta version of my map for cs_mansion csgo. I have little time and experience in the creation of maps. Not too harsh ;)

Карта сделана убоговато. Поэтому обновлений больше скорее всего не будет. тк проще карту переделать с нуля, чем...
Created by captain terror
A remake(not a port) of cs_747 for bomb/defusal, optimized for 5x5 competitive play.

CTs: Prevent T's bombing the TWHL Jumbo Jet.
T's: Destroy the TWHL corporate jetliner at any cost.

TERROR MAPS SERVER: (5x5, teamsp...
Created by MadMax
A competitive map based on Source's de_cpl_strike and 1.6's de_mirage.

16 spawn points per team, supporting 32 players.

Additional Credit:
*Ted 'cashed' McIlwain, for the Source version of de_cpl_strike.
*Michael 'BubkeZ' Hull, for the layout.
Created by Emarrado
Submission for the GAMEBANANA/CEVO mapping competition
Created by dopebone

Some players may remember Mansion from that old Game Tactical Ops.
It was a Hostage Rescue Map, good ol' times...

This is a remake/re-designed map for Counter Strike...
Created by .fm3at

Эта карта УСТАРЕЛА, просьба перейти по ссылке и подписаться на более улучшенную версию этой карты.
This map now is OBSOLETE[...
Created by .fm3at
Classic fy_pool_day from Counter-Strike 1.6

Старая карта из Counter-Strike 1.6.
Все стены простреливаются....
Created by kHAN
Port of 1.6's popular de_forge by brute ( Lighting, skybox, and some textures/models have been tweaked.

Please let me know about any technical issues. The aesthetics have been left basic to preserve gameplay....
Created by leplubodeslapin
Remake of the famous "fy pool day" map from Counter-Strike 1.6.

Fight Yard objective (fy_) :
Grab a weapon on the floor and fight !

Impossible mission : plant the bomb.

A Switchable version has been published here :
Created by mad_mogli
Das Orginal der de_train Map bei Nacht .

The original of the map de_train at night.

Popular Links for Server Admins :
[CS:GO] Flashlight (1.3.2)
[CS:GO] Night Vision Goggles
Created by sRd^-
oldsk00l mansion from cs 1.3 !

- Switchable Camera System (!)
- Overview & Radar
- 3D Skybox
- Custom textures
- Optimized for performance
- Particle System
- Area Names & Advanced Nav Mesh
- Vintage gameplay!

Like this? - Take a look at ...
Created by
Remake of classic 1.6 tuscan for Cs Go made by Intog (original author Brute will make original version in 2015)

de_tuscar_b1 - made by Intog Ua
de_tuscar_b2 (bug fix) - Plaster
de_tuscar (whith new texture) - Rampage

Created by ClipoDEL
Original map militia

Porting by Clipodel (FSB)

-New unique NAV file.
-New radar.
-Detail textures....
Dust original
Created by ClipoDEL
-New video filter.
-Detailed old textures.
-Unique NAV file for bots.
-New radar texture.
-Add new custom game mode....
Assault original
Created by ClipoDEL
New version old map.

-The lighting was brighter.
-New video filter.
-Detailed old textures.
-Unique NAV file for bots.
-New radar texture.
-Add new custom game mode....
Dust II original
Created by ClipoDEL
-New video filter.
-Detailed old textures.
-Unique NAV file for bots.
-New radar texture.
-Add new custom game mode....
Created by Xanthi
Remake of cs_compound, A large open hostage map. Features improved graphics, extended routes and more..

Check: and mapcore :)

Follow me via twitter: @jvanwerkhoven

Created by ElectroSheep
Remake of cs_siege, a large hostage map from Counter Strike 1.6.

As a counter-terrorist, infiltrate the industrial complex to rescue the hostages.
As a terrorist, prevent the hostages rescue.

A map created by Moroes and 3Dnj. Origial map by n0th1ng....
Created by ๖ۣۜAllen ♉
This is a remake of the 1.6's classic awp_map, preserving its essence for nostalgic gamers.

Have fun!...
Created by Lasi
Original by: TEMEY

Remake by Lasi

It was one of my favorite maps in cs1.6 so i did a remake. Try n test it - feel free to comment.

Created by Emarrado
Submission for the GAMEBANANA/CEVO mapping competition
Created by dopebone

Some players may remember Mansion from that old Game Tactical Ops.
It was a Hostage Rescue Map, good ol' times...

This is a remake/re-designed map for Counter Strike: Globa...
Created by hmN'
This is the first map I've ever made, so i started with a simple remake of one of my favourite maps in CS:S to get used to the Map Editor.

Feel free to post your opionion in the comments so I can fix problems or learn for other maps.

have fun!...
Created by savijN
An attempt of mine at remaking the aim_ak_colt maps from counter-strike 1.6 made originally by sk. I have noticed however it's missing a radar and the range is a bit too far so a shorter version of the map complete with a radar will be released soon....
Created by Disco Potato
A remake of the classic fy_iceworld map designed for arms race and deathmatch....
Created by 2XD
The popular fy_poolparty remake for CS:GO based on the fy_poolparty_v3 by The RaZZeR App.
Created by Lasi
Original by: Gimli

Remake of this well known aiming map.
Created by Reydifox

GameBanana/CEVO CS:GO Mapping Contest 2014

About the idea, The final idea its abandoned old factory in jungle. Terrorist come ove...
Created by CROUZi
1.3 version of de_inferno ported into CS:GO.

1.6 Version //
This map is like the Counter-Strike 1.6 Map "aim_map_esl". Only Glock, P2000, M4A1 and AK47 available....
Created by Butterchunk
Remake of the classic CS 1.6 map, cs_doom4....
Created by CROUZi
1.6 version of de_inferno.

It is now finished, 1:1 with original 1.6 version, thanks to Pandorazero, he gave me his .VMF files that he had worked on so I could finish his job since he didn't have the time to do that.

Pandorazero's Workshop // [u...
Created by CROUZi
Version I made that resemble the official de_nuke by Volcano.

Classic look with more competitive friendly layout.

Special thanks to Pandorazero for making this map in the first place, aka. doing most of the work.

ORIGINAL // [url]http://stea...
Created by SinFuL
Bhop/kz map by SinFuL

Based on the 1.6 kz map by Aegget

Donations greatly appreciated

Created by Ggd07

de_dust_classic_hd is the classic counter-strike de_dust map reimagined for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
with higher quality textures and lighting, while reassuring that the classic nostalgic atmosphere is still present.

Created by Ggd07

de_dust2_classic_hd is the classic counter-strike de_dust2 map reimagined for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with higher quality textures and lighting, while reassuring that the classic nostalgic atmosphere is still present.

Created by sRd^-
RLD/Reloaded Version of my classic cs_mansion

- Switchable Camera System (!)
- Overview & Radar
- 3D Skybox
- Custom textures
- Optimized for performance
- Particle System
- Sprites
- Vintage gameplay!

Like this? - Take a look at...
Halloween Mansion
Created by Stark
My first map, created for the halloween party!
Моя первая серьезная карта для CS:GO, сделаная на тему halloween праздника!


Обновление 1.20(День рождения карты)
Created by NIPPER
Welcome, foolish mortals, to the Haunted Mansion....
Created by hmN'
Ported version of "csp_mill" (from CSPromod) for CS:GO.

The original 1.6 Version of Mill was mady by "Narby" and remade for CSPromod by "Cashed".
I just ported it, made some radar-files and small changes for CS:GO.

This won't be in an operation as I...
Created by Drop'in Milk
original by : Ace

Port by : drop'in Milk...
Created by DoveeN
This is my first CS:GO KZ map, and so I hope you enjoy it!

Please provide any valuable feedback, and if there are any bugs, glitches or abusable shortcuts please contact me ASAP!

And remember to rate the map, thank you!...
Awp Map 2 (awp_map2_origins)
Created by loshadka
Remake of CS 1.6 awp_map2 for Global Offensive

- Original textures from 1.6 map
- Tweaked lighting
- Different player skins for each team
- Radar

Map made by loshadka

release info:

This is my second releas...
Created by Salsa Verde
A 1v1 map set in an underground cargo depot, can be played as an arms race or even deathmatch.
Created by ted
A bomb defusal map set outside Tokyo, Japan.

Terrorists are trying to disrupt the research of the controversial Season Corporation.
Created by Yanzl
National heritage is at risk as the terrorists try to destroy this historical castle built inside a cave mouth....
Created by ElectroSheep
A Bomb/Defuse mission set in a mexican jungle full of Mayan relics.

As a terrorist, destroy one of the two weapon storages, there is one in the temple and one outside.
As a counter-terrorist, prevent the destruction of weapons and save the Mayan ruins.

Season [OLD]
Created by ted
For the new Season :

A bomb defusal map set in a Greenhouse complex called Season Bio-Research Inc.

The NSA has classified supply stashes in the area that the Counter-Terrorists must def...
Created by catfood
A bomb-defuse map based high in the mountains.

Counter-Terrorist motivation: Today we are send on a special mission by the government. We think it has something to do about terrorists getting their hands on leaked information about reopening the abandon...
Created by caramba
hd version classic map cs_mansion...
Created by *JaCuS* cyberTłuK
Remake of a legendary map. (at least for me)
Redesigned and featuring 2 bomb sites.

Special Thanks to
Anplagd (for doing completely nothing)...
Created by 3kliksphilip
Attack the ancient city in Cyprus to either attack the walled garden docks, or the gatehouse to the castle! This map was submitted for the CEVO competition and reached the final 10. Since then I have tweaked the layout and visuals to make this map more enj...
Created by Moo | CALR
This is the de_prodigy from Counter-Strike Source. Carbon copy besides a few changes to the outside Environment...Enjoy

Remake of the classic westwood. Many changes from my old css remake. Added moving windmill water pump, weather vane, and blowing dust.
Player spawns 64
includes csgo model edges, relistic moving clouds, chickens, crows, water, and old west sounds....
Created by MadMax
Superjer's unique yet competitive map brought to life for CSGO.

Goals of the project were to make Contra more visually appealing, while maintaining clear visibility and great gameplay.

Still a work in progress, any bugs posted will be fixed. An updat...
Created by josé Ramone
Le but des terroristes c'est de détruire le puits d'uranium ou l'hélicoptère qui sert a transporté de l'uranium.

Map crée pour energy core lien :

Nouvelle mise a jour le 26/10/2013.

The goal of terrorists is to destroy t...
Created by Deh0lise
New Theme, unique layout and great lighting.

Thought for competitive gameplay features two different style bombsites, one easy and open (A), and another one more narrow and complicated (B).
de_torn (based on the original cs map) current version de_torn_rc1
Created by turnbullTeRRoR.gc
A remake of the classic 1.6 map. This current version de_torn_rc1 is almost complete.

Based on original concept/layout map by Crinity and Madcross...
Created by HoT Ho11oW PoiNT
WORK IN PROGRESS (Late Beta Stage)
A dark, rainy autumn evening is abruptly throw into chaos upon the discovery of graffiti tags similar to those found on other recently bombed terrorist targets, this time on a resort mountain dwelling during a county-wi...
Created by System User
This is the current version used on Games4u. The full collection of maps can be found at:

Updates are managed by Games4u....
Created by MoNo
Created by [YouTube]TolikGame
map is in completion textures v 00.55 po russki karta na dorobotke tecstur...
Mansion - Defuse Mission
Created by Da Mango
The terrorists must fight their way into the CT controlled mansion to plant a bomb on either the roof or in the basement.

Features a fully working minimap and semi-competent bots.

See also the hostage variant of this map:
cs_condemned (beta 0.35)
Created by snaksan
Some little map, like cs_mansion and based on L4D2 map "Plantation". Its beta version of map....
Created by Azet
Original map by "detamic"

The action takes place in a little mansion in Transylvania, a bunch of terrorists occupied this place and have taken hostages, and hid them in the basement.

The CT must rush in the mansion and save the hostages, but be caref...
Hallo CS:GO Community, this is fy_poolparty_v3_nogunrush.

I imported the map "fy_poolparty_v3" form CS:S, the original CS:S map
is ...
Hallo CS:GO Community, this is fy_poolparty_v6

I imported this map form CS:S, the original CS:S map
is by...
Created by cyan.emmeln❤m
an reupload of the classic fy_poolparty_v6. All rights belong to the original creator, this is just an reupload, not my own creation!

Play it here:
Created by WRITEX
This is a 1v1 'arena' based on the classical map from CS 1.6 and Source, fy_poolparty.

The map contains 16 arenas.
Each arena contains a total of 1 spawn per team, which means that the maximum playercount available would be 32 slots.

Note: This map...
Created by Fraph
A poolparty inspired map, with loads of buttons and stuff!...
Created by imortus
Recreation of the classic map from CS 1.6.

Tried my best to create a realistic and appealing setting, while retaining the original gameplay of the 1.6 version.

### Update 1.3 ( ###
Use Custom game mode for classic usp battle.
Created by MadMax
mp_depot from the original Call of Duty now in CSGO.

24 spawn locations per team in classic mode, supports 48 player servers.

Deathmatch has the original spawn locations.

Terrorists: Blow up the tank in the warehouse or the tanker train car near...
Created by CerberuS
Esse é meu primeiro mapa, espero que gostem!

This is my first map, hope you enjoy!

Este es mi primer mapa, espero que disfruten!...
Created by will2k
Calm - Hostage Rescue
by Will2k

Calm, a hostage rescue map, is a fully remastered rendition of my Counter-Strike: Source map from 2010, which itself was a quick remake of my Counter-Strike 1.5 map from 2003; talk about history.

The map draws them...
Created by Triple-M
My entry for the Game Banana mapping contest themed around "Building Bridges". The city of Venice has over 400 bridges, so it served me well as the setting for de_venezia.

Version 4 Change Log:

- Various boost exploits removed (thanks to McMessenger...
Created by 7thMarchen❤~
I'm not map author, for servers....
Created by fl0w
Death version of kz_synergy, one of the hardest maps in CS 1.6.
Original map by pLANE
Port by fl0w

Thanks to 1NutWunDeR for support and ideas.
Also thanks to all testers - Fafner, Blasdfa, Skill vs Luck and rest!

To play locally, open your console...
Kawaii KILLER Sticker - Terrorist
Meet T-chan from the Sw33t Crew! Her favorite hobby is gardening, especially planting "bomb"-type of flowers and helping people push up daisies.

~Available in Glossy and Foil finish~


[url={LINK REMOVED}....
Created by Enfu
Robot by Enfu....
Death's Head Demolition Music Kit by Dren McDonald
Created by drenmc
Don't be deadly! This cinematic, superhero-metal inspired music kit from game composer Dren McDonald puts the 'ill' into KILL!...
Kawaii KILLER sticker
Meet T-chan from the Sw33t Crew and CT-chan from S.A.S. (Special Anime Service)! They would love for their stickers to be on your weapon and pwn people with you!

T-chan available in Glossy and Foil, CT-chan available in Paperback and Holographic!

Created by Lizard
A bomb defusal map set in central Europe. Terrorists are determined to stop the old army base from being remodeled.

**Special Thanks**
- Blue Cheetah
- Vaya
- Mark C.
- Fnuggi
- Everyone on MapCore...
Created by caramba
classic map cs_mansion csgo

tester: Askar...
Spawns 64
Relistic moving tumbleweeds and greatly improved skybox compared to my de_westwood_csgo
A completely re-textured expansion of my top rated de_westwood_csgo
Fy_Snow Cs 1.6 Versiyon
Created by Selim Yaşar
Cs 1.6 is popular map I have been brought to you. Do not skimp on your appreciation and comments.
Created by liquidassetpress
dm edition...
Created by AkatsukiUK
- Indoor map set within a submarine base -

"This hidden base has had many occupants dating back to the second world war. Now terrorists seek to cause an international incident by blowing a hole wide open in it."

Bomb site A: Is situated inside a mu...
Created by Hector
This map is at Work In Progress state, so it will be visually improved later, if the game mechanics are good enogh.

The terrorist try to detonate the ancient roman aqueduct. Can the counter-terrorist team prevent this?...
Created by Frankie
Aiming map...
Created by Skater_Andrey
Popular map from "Half-life 2 Deathmatch" now in "Counter-strike Global Offensive"!

Map type - Bomb defusal.
On the map are 2 generator. Terrorists destroy them, Counter-Terrorists - protect....
Created by Gucci gang
A classic Bombdefusion map set in a european village.

Thanks to Skybex for some assets (mostly textures)
Thanks aswell to Komaokc for the amazing skybox!
Created by [B] A r t
This is a remake of a classic map of the great CS 1.6.
Map originally created by: JPF, and recreated by me !
Have fun :)

Este um remake de um mapa clssico do grande CS 1.6.
Mapa criado originalmente por: JPF, e recriado por mim!
Se divirta :)...
Created by iceWOLF



It is a new view on cs_mansion! Such I see a full-fledged card for CS:GO.

This map embodies new ideas for modern times:
- changed the visual design;
- added the attic;
- added the c...
Created by EHOT
the original idea: de_dust2x2

I just reinterpreted the idea of map

you can download it and here:

if you find any bugs, please let me know
Desperados | BOMB
This is map is from game Fistful of Frags :)

Map info:

- Random Spawns: 44
- CT Spawn: 32
- T Spawn: 32
- 3D Skybox
- Radar

This map can be used for this mods:

- Bomb/Defuse
- Team Deathmatch
- Deathmatch
- Gun Game
- Hide and Seek...
Created by Lala
Sandstorm 2 ripped apart from blackshot online's map.
created by : asrulala
if got some glitch or bugs pm me at -

Created by Silver Art
have fun...
Created by woodhaas
Perfect map and layout for you and your friends to practise your aim.
Useful commands:
mp_freezetime 2
mp_warmup end

Have fun!...
Created by KaponŴina.
Please rate and share it.

Enjoy the game....
Created by КОФЕ
Very bright and pleasant to the eye map.
Special Forces base located on the shore and in the same place for a bomb "B"
Terrorists base is on the opposite side of the map, on the road.
Place for bomb "A" is in the house on the second fl...
Created by w4n3
Created by Electro93
Greetings my friends! Download map,play it,like it, add it to favourites :)

de_palace by Weinand(Electro93)

Welcome to Subway!

Don't like the chemicals at McDonalds? Don't worry! try the much tastier and better chemicals at Subway!

This is my first map I've released In the CSGO Workshop (with actual effort :P) Hope you'll enjoy it! I will be upd...
de_amora(work in progress)
Created by MissCat
Hey this is my first map on the workshop. Hope you guys like it :)
The map is still work in progress so i will still change stuff that doesnt work and add stuff!
So if you guys have have critics just add them to the comments i read everything :)'

Created by ak.tumilovich
Good map for training!...
Created by p2th36747bth38qt
A 1v1 aim and reflex training map based on the London Underground.*
Please mind the gap between the train and the platform.

Thanks for subscribing and rating my map. Your feedback is highly appreciated and it will help me in my further projects. Share ...
Created by [B] A r t
This is a remake of a classic map of the great CS 1.6.
Map originally created by: F / X420 , and recreated by me !
Have fun :)

Este um remake de um mapa clssico do grande CS 1.6.
Mapa criado originalmente por: F/X420, e recriado por mim!
Se divirt...
Created by ☻ Fancy Purple
Small 1v1 aim map.
Since this is my first map I would highly appreciate any feedback!
Thanks for playing my map!

Special thanks to ♠ Senpai 藍色 for testing the map!...
1v1 Map
This is my 1v1 Map.
It has a big place in the middle and different ways to get there. It has some crates and cars to hide.
The map is a 1v1 or 2v2 Map!
Type mp_maxrounds 999.
Or it will change the map.

Have fun :)...
Created by ScottehBoeh
(Defusal Map)

This is a WIP map that is a half-copy of the Counter Strike Condition Zero map "De_Fastline_Cz".

I decided to copy this map since it was one of my favourite maps of the old CS 1.6 times.

This map contains no proper cubemaps, clips etc whic...
KZ Nightfall (kz_nightfall)
Created by am pebi yes
a video by b0utamine on this map

A scrapped project finished off just so the effort wasn't wasted. Not my best effort, it's an average map.

Probably has a lot of potential shortcuts....
Winter Nuke *Abandoned*
Created by Silent λ

| *Please Read* |

This map is no longer supported and is extremely outdated.

Pavilion (All work has been halted indefinately)
Created by Mikey
I have now decided to stop all work on Pavilion for several reasons. First of all, school has been more challenging this year and takes up a more significant portion of my free time, making work on the project go much slower. I enjoyed all of the time I sp...
Created by Justin
The race against terror in the streets of homeland america, De_Night is a brand new map design never seen in counter strike and offers both new ways to play and old!

The terror Group of HLT is not a fan of the new buildings in their own back yard, they pl...
Created by Zovek
Small yet fun competitive map....
I made this map in a couple of hours and i like it, i hope that someone will put this map on a server, i'd like to see that....
Created by Silver Art
New Mansion, new house, lots of fun and much more...
map bombe dif
Created by pb
A competitive 5 vs 5 defuse map set in the Italian Alps.

The Counter-Terrorists must battle to defend the the historic village from the anarchists intent on blowing it up.
Created by NäNöW
Mission Outline:

On the south border of Pakistan lies Karachi, one of the biggest city in the world. The terrorists have decided to launch an attack on its beach side military storage base to establish fear among the civilians by destroying the infrastruc...
Created by Azznic
The map theme is suppose to be small village which is a bit old located somewhere between France and Italy.
Map is still glitchable and under building process there is a lot of work that needs to be put in it, and I'm dedicating all of my free time on it s...
Created by Daddy
A small map with fast combat for demolition game mode....
Created by EHOT
Rebuilt map of my friend for Zombie Mode

p.s. in some places can drop FPS

you can download it and here:

if you find any bugs, please let me know
Created by C.h.i. !
FUnMap an nem heissen Tag ^^...
Created by Kochi
this is my very first map that i ever made

this map is based on a real place in israel.
including 2 bomb sites. A is inside the building and B is underground.

any bugs/glitchs/problems with the map write it on the disussions down below

Dont forget to ...
Created by System User
This is the current version used on Games4u. The full collection of maps can be found at:

Updates are managed by Games4u....
Created by PASHA
A competitive map based on Source's de_cpl_strike and 1.6's de_mirage.

16 spawn points per team, supporting 32 players.

Additional Credit:
*Ted "cashed" McIlwain, for the Source version of de_cpl_strike.
*Michael "BubkeZ" Hull, for the layout....
Created by ENCRYPTED
Used by AMF Gaming...
Created by Bikstok
de_tuscan_fixes_csgo with RADAR.

Creator of this map is Szoke & BrutesMaps....
Created by will2k
Cortona Pro - Bomb/Defuse
by Will2k

de_cortona_pro is a bomb/defuse map based on several old and historical towns in Tuscany, northern Italy. The inspiration was mainly drawn from the following cities: Cortona, Monteriggioni, San Gimignano, Montepulcia...
Created by will2k
Cortona - Bomb/Defuse
by Will2k

This is a competitive edit of my map de_cortona_pro (released April 2013) focusing on fast 5vs5 competitive play with guidance, directions and feedb...
Dust 2 Night
Created by Blade x64
Baby, we're gonna visit Dust tonight.
­ ­ ­ ­ ­­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­
How to download
Just hit the subscribe button. You'll be able to play it by selecting the workshop tab when finding or creating a game.­...
Created by Confused_Travolta

VERSION 5 (final?)

Classic demolition map set in Pripyat city (Chernobyl, Stalker etc.)

"International counter-terrorist forces tracked down t...
Created by brute
05/18/2015 - ** OFFICIALLY LIVE **

A competitive bomb defusal map set in the North Africa / Southern Spain region.

Terrorists are here to destroy the valuable resources of the local town.
Counter-Terrorists are here to defend it.

Special Thanks T...
Inferno Dawn
Created by Blade x64
Crickets chirping, birds singing, church bells ringing, and the first bomb of the morning being planted.

It has come to my attention that this is technically sunrise, not dawn.

Original map by Valve.

Created by FMPONE
A hostage rescue map set in a Museum.

A creationist terror-squad has taken over the Hurg Museum of Natural History!

Thanks to 3DNJ and PENE for their help with the map's art assets -- and check out MAPCORE.ORG

Please enjoy the youtube video in the...
Created by *S!D
Remake of the classical de_torn map for CS:GO

Created by leplubodeslapin
Here is a portage of the aim_map on CS:GO. I tried to redesign it according to the CS:GO theme of dust maps. Moreover, the gameplay is very close to the CS:S map with the same bullet penetration and crates positions.

~~~ Eventually useful console comm...
Created by Radix
A bomb defuse map set in a mediterranean village.
Armsrace, Demolition and Deathmatch are available as well.

This map is called "arcade" because of its central gameplay element: The arcade[]....
de_dust2 from CS 1.6
Created by neoge
This is de_gold_dust2 you should also download de_gold_dust.

This map is a port of de_dust2 from Counter-Strike 1.6. (GoldSrc Engine)
This map is from the CS:S Alpha leak, recom...
Created by 'RZL
A bomb defusal map designed for competitive play.

The germans are on a vacation in a mediterranean village, but their vacation doesn't last long.
The local seperatists plan to take over the place by destroying important key positions!
Good thing th...
Created by Skybex
Bomb / Defuse mission
The SAS is on a mission to disarm a local weapons market who have got their hands on chemical weapons in Lahore, Pakistan.

Special thanks to OrnateBaboon for testing and feedback and community for generally being awesome...
Dustec - Aztec/Dust2
Created by Secsci
The terrorists are tired of losing in Aztec so they've broken out of that map to this alternate universe. Unprepared, the terrorists decide that the Temple of A and the Trashbin of B are perfect targets. They scribble out some notes to get prepared for the...
de_dust from CS 1.6
Created by neoge
This is de_gold_dust you should also download de_gold_dust2.

This map is a port of de_dust2 from Counter-Strike 1.6. (GoldSrc Engine)
This map is from the CS:S Alpha leak, recom...
Himeji Castle

de_himeji_castle is a map created by me for the GameBanana 'Famous Landmarks' contest. I choose this castle based on high demand for asian themes by many people (not only on GameBanana but also outside of the conte...
Inferno 2
Created by SAmil
[Imported from CS:1.6]

Inferno 2 - Bomb/Defuse

Counter-Terrorists: Prevent the terrorists
from destroying either one of the bomb targets.

Terrorists: The Terrorist carrying the
C4 must destroy one of the bomb targets.

Other Notes: There are 2...
Created by Grofty
A modification of the original de_train for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive designed for competitive play.

9/4/2013 - New Update with custom train models
Complete changelog below:
Created by CmP
Map playable on this Server

Update: Thank you for your feedback! Remember, playing with bots on this map is not very funny, because you can't hide in the jungle. Better play this map on the internet on our server or another one! We ar...
Created by indro
A brand new bomb defusal map set in snow themed village. Balkans are invading the village to blow it up. Special Air Service squad is trying to stop the invade and kill remaining balkans.


If you want to leave feedback,...
Created by Moo | CALR
Map Exclusive: Cyber Amateur League Reloaded[]
Status: Public Testing

Take the old Mill, and make it new. Moo did exactly that, and more with this new rendition of Mill. The infamous CT sided map favorite,...
Created by will2k
Spezia Pro - Bomb/Defuse
By Will2k

de_spezia_pro (pronounced Spetsia[]) is a bomb/defuse map based on several old and historical towns in the province of La Spezia in Liguria, northern Italy. ...
Created by Buyniy
Map cs_mansion

-Donate to support further development
Created by Navigator-72
The map is optimised,stable fps. Weapons: AWP. (Max players 32)...
Created by hѻnd
A nice and simple awp map set on a chain of small remote tropical islands....
Created by NIPPER
A spooky house has some Cask of Amontillado stuff goin down and them CTs must put a stop to it and rescue any remaining hostages that have yet to be entombed....
Created by jakuza
This is the beta(leaning toward final) of de_royal, so there might still be graphical bugs and stuff. I would really appreciate it if you point out any you find. Thanks!

Update: 3rd place in the Mapcore + Reddit CS:GO mapping contest! Thanks to those wh...
Created by Dota Plus player

DE_Blast On Gamebanana[]

Ever wondered what's below the good old ancient Dust I bombsite? Find out yourself, I grabbed my sh...
Stormy Days
Created by Enviolinador
A map for a new zombie gamemode, Zombie Survival, combining the few parts that weren't boring in classic barricading with a BuildFort/Gmod-ish style of gameplay and some focus on teamplay. The SM plugin to play this kind of maps is private for now, but it ...
Created by DanZay
A non-linear KZ map which will test your skills in all aspects of movement including longjumping, bunnyhopping, ladder strafing and some surfing.

Play this map on a KZ server (recommended 128 tick with prestrafe).
Created by Vanushka2004
First bhop map.
I hope you will enjoy it....
Created by
I am not the original author of this map. Uploaded for KZ servers. Enjoy :)...
Created by JigglyPuff

If you think this is a lazy uninspired project I started on a boring afternoon, then you are correct.
Still, I liked the final result so I decided to publish it anyway.

So it comes in three forms, Basic, Holo, an...
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