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Created by ThePerfectDay
A complete remake "from scratch" of the classic map de_airstrip. Previous version of this remake was available for CS:S, also made by me....
Created by H.Grunt
Remake of a classic map from CS 1.6.

CS:GO remake by H.Grunt
Original Version by TYR
Night sky by Mr. Chop

Sep 13 major update:
-Nighttime (woot)
-New T spawn
-T side upstairs is now at the ground level
-Moved the ladder at Loading Dock
-Changed SWAT to...
Created by H.Grunt
cs_thunder was an official hostage rescue map that has made its only appearance in CS 1.1 but not afterwards, likely due to certain balance issues. In the remake I attempted to correct them.

Key changes in comparison to the original layout:
- Left o...
Created by Jake
New Deathmatch map
Это не финальная версия. Будет время, закончу...
Created by Kampy*
A small but tactical map for 2-10 players. The police have unloaded on the street and are ready to storm the house where terrorists hold three hostages....
Created by LnG The Troll
This is a remake of the 1.6 oilrig map. Remember this is only a beta, please report buggs and make suggestions in the comment section.

Objective: CT start with one hostage in spawn, the rescue area is inside the helicopter in T spawn....
cs_mansion _re
Created by MAC
retextured for me and friends...
Created by Mapping-Verminbe
map change by myself rebalancing the map for css csgo...
Created by Mapping-Verminbe
Voici ma version de_piranesi j'ai re fait l'architecture avec des nouveaux passages.

Version beta...
Created by Mapping-Verminbe
map Version de_prodigy_csgo_se competition

New entry and middle bunker...
Created by Mapping-Verminbe
map change by verminbe...
Created by Moo | CALR
This is the Final version of Mill. The name has been changed for the reasons of, people who downloaded Mill from Diff sites will get an error.

Mill-CE Changelog:
--Changed Inside lighting around the entire map.
--Added an entrance to B-Control from SA2...
Created by Moo | CALR
Beta 3 of de_mill...Name has also been changed.

Servers will need to change the map rotation txt to de_mill since the name has been changed....
Created by entzo
de_inferno_sk by SOLTEK...
Created by Okubo
Plane with extremely valuable information crashed in the horrible place where the nature does not spare anybody. The terrorists have learned about what happens in these places and in a hurry to get this things. Who take its toll?...
Created by Pandorazero
Map by Pandorazero.
Classic de_dus2 from CS:1.6 for CS:GO
Created by Pandorazero
Map by Pandorazero
Map beta version
Classic de_nuke from CS:1.6 for CS:GO...
Created by SPiNM
After waiting for one and a half years on de_tuscan by Brutesmaps, we decided to create one of our own based on both the source and 1.6 version.


Map created by SPiNM and SpheXion...
Created by Un'kn0wn
This is a remake of the well known map cs_estate from Counter-Strike 1.6.
I tried to keep it pretty close to the original one but still visually upgraded to fit the modern CS:GO style.
This map is ready for the latest CS:GO update....
This 64-player zombie survival map is based on the X-Men mansion from Marvel Heroes. My goal was to make an aesthetically pleasing map while retaining the fun of facing down zombies. The mansion contains a foyer, classrooms, auditorium, bedrooms, bathroom...
Created by babaj
Beta version of my map for cs_mansion csgo. I have little time and experience in the creation of maps. Not too harsh ;)

Карта сделана убоговато. Поэтому обновлений больше скорее...
Created by captain terror
A remake(not a port) of cs_747 for bomb/defusal, optimized for 5x5 competitive play.

CTs: Prevent T's bombing the TWHL Jumbo Jet.
T's: Destroy the TWHL corporate jetliner at any cost.

TERROR MAPS SERVER: (5x5, teams...
Created by dB4d | MadMax
A competitive map based on Source's de_cpl_strike and 1.6's de_mirage.

16 spawn points per team, supporting 32 players.

Additional Credit:
*Ted 'cashed' McIlwain, for the Source version of de_cpl_strike.
*Michael 'BubkeZ' Hull, for the layout.
Created by dopebone
Submission for the GAMEBANANA/CEVO mapping competition
Created by dopebone

Some players may remember Mansion from that old Game Tactical Ops.
It was a Hostage Rescue Map, good ol' times...

This is a remake/re-designed map for Counter Strik...
Created by vXlam
Classic map from Counter-Strike 1.6...
Created by vXlam
Classic fy_pool_day from Counter-Strike 1.6

Старая добрая карта из Counter-Strike 1.6.
Все стены простреливаются также как и в старой игре.

Сделана путем декомпиляц...
Created by kHAN
Port of 1.6's popular de_forge by brute (brutesmaps.com). Lighting, skybox, and some textures/models have been tweaked.

Please let me know about any technical issues. The aesthetics have been left basic to preserve gameplay....
Created by leplubodeslapin
Remake of the famous "fy pool day" map from Counter-Strike 1.6.

Fight Yard objective (fy_) :
Grab a weapon on the floor and fight !

Impossible mission : plant the bomb.

CS:GO remake by leplubodeslapin
Additional content by Bendix8 ...
Created by mad_mogli
Das Orginal der de_train Map bei Nacht .

The original of the map de_train at night....
oldsk00l mansion from cs 1.3 !

- Switchable Camera System (!)
- Overview & Radar
- 3D Skybox
- Custom textures
- Optimized for performance
- Particle System
- Area Names & Advanced Nav Mesh
- Vintage gameplay!

Like this? - Take a look at...
Created by Batya tawit
Remake of classic 1.6 tuscan for Cs Go made by Intog (original author Brute will make original version in 2015)

de_tuscar_b1 - made by Intog Ua
de_tuscar_b2 (bug fix) - Plaster
de_tuscar (whith new texture) - Rampage

Original map militia

Porting by Clipodel (FSB)

-New unique NAV file.
-New radar.
-Detail textures....
Dust original
-New video filter.
-Detailed old textures.
-Unique NAV file for bots.
-New radar texture.
-Add new custom game mode....
Assault original
New version old map.

-The lighting was brighter.
-New video filter.
-Detailed old textures.
-Unique NAV file for bots.
-New radar texture.
-Add new custom game mode....
Dust II original
-New video filter.
-Detailed old textures.
-Unique NAV file for bots.
-New radar texture.
-Add new custom game mode....
Created by Xanthi
Remake of cs_compound, A large open hostage map. Features improved graphics, extended routes and more..

Check: gameconnect.net and mapcore :)

Follow me via twitter: @jvanwerkhoven

Created by 3Dnj
Remake of cs_siege, a large hostage map from Counter Strike 1.6.

As a counter-terrorist, infiltrate the industrial complex to rescue the hostages.
As a terrorist, prevent the hostages rescue.

A map created by Moroes and 3Dnj. Origial map by n0th1ng....
Created by Allen
This is a remake of the 1.6's classic awp_map, preserving its essence for nostalgic gamers.

Have fun!...
Created by Lasi
Original by: TEMEY

Remake by Lasi

It was one of my favorite maps in cs1.6 so i did a remake. Try n test it - feel free to comment.

Created by dopebone
Submission for the GAMEBANANA/CEVO mapping competition
Created by dopebone

Some players may remember Mansion from that old Game Tactical Ops.
It was a Hostage Rescue Map, good ol' times...

This is a remake/re-designed map for Counter Strike: Glob...
Created by hmN'
This is the first map I've ever made, so i started with a simple remake of one of my favourite maps in CS:S to get used to the Map Editor.

Feel free to post your opionion in the comments so I can fix problems or learn for other maps.
Also it would be ...
Created by savijN
An attempt of mine at remaking the aim_ak_colt maps from counter-strike 1.6 made originally by sk. I have noticed however it's missing a radar and the range is a bit too far so a shorter version of the map complete with a radar will be released soon....
Created by Disco Potato
A remake of the classic fy_iceworld map designed for arms race and deathmatch....
Created by 2xD
The popular fy_poolparty remake for CS:GO based on the fy_poolparty_v3 by The RaZZeR App.

Created by Lasi
Original by: Gimli

Remake of this well known aiming map.
Created by Reydifox
GameBanana/CEVO CS:GO Mapping Contest 2014

About the idea, The final idea its abandoned old factory in jungle. Terrorist come over the river into small beach or waste back part of the factory. Into wate back part of the factory are input opened doors. ...
Created by CROUZi
1.3 version of de_inferno ported into CS:GO.

1.6 Version // http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=250856300...
Created by vlieldiabl0~
This map is like the Counter-Strike 1.6 Map "aim_map_esl". Only Glock, P2000, M4A1 and AK47 available....
Created by Gunshaker
Remake of the classic CS 1.6 map, cs_doom4....
Created by CROUZi
1.6 version of de_inferno.

It is now finished, 1:1 with original 1.6 version, thanks to Pandorazero, he gave me his .VMF files that he had worked on so I could finish his job since he didn't have the time to do that.

Pandorazero's Workshop // [...
Created by CROUZi
Version I made that resemble the official de_nuke by Volcano.

Classic look with more competitive friendly layout.

Special thanks to Pandorazero for making this map in the first place, aka. doing most of the work.

ORIGINAL // [url]http://ste...
Created by SinFuL
Bhop/kz map by SinFuL

Based on the 1.6 kz map by Aegget

Donations greatly appreciated
PayPal: Disturbed217@gmail.com

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