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Melody's Escape
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
30. Aug. 2012 um 10:14 Uhr
20. Mai 2016 um 12:04 Uhr

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Melody's Escape is now available on Steam!
Live-stream tonight of Melody's Escape!
Veröffentlichungsdatum: February 2014
Melody's Escape is a rhythm/runner PC game where you provide the music from your personal library, to generate a unique synched game experience, with an obstacle course defined by the beats of your songs and with movement speed tied to the energy level of the music at any given time.

More infos and FAQ here: http://www.MelodysEscape.com

The game is divided in 4 types of gameplay variations, depending of your music's energy level: walking, jogging, running and flying, translating in the game the urges that you feel when listening to music while walking with headphones on your head.

Unlike most rhythm games, a special focus has been set on long held notes from voices, string instruments or even dubstep wubwubs, allowing the player to really feel beautiful and powerful voices and instruments directly in their actions, and allowing for a huge range of music genres to be enjoyed equally, whether you like fast-paced heavy music or calm and relaxing ones!

Melody's Escape also features fast and accurate tempo detection (BPM), with the same accuracy as most DJ softwares, allowing for extremely good synchronisation to the rhythm of your music.

The game is still in development with new additions everyday, so please check back often on the progress if you like the game!

Additional features currently planned and not shown in the trailers:
  • Various difficulty modes, if you want to enjoy your music casually or with hardcore reflexes
  • Score and multiplier
  • Tons of eye-candy and particle effects (I wanted to focus on the core gameplay experience first)
  • Online score leaderboards
  • New backgrounds for each gameplay variation, with background animation based on the music
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FD God 24. Mai 2016 um 8:32 Uhr 
а кто страна-разработчик игры?Просто интересно!
Scarlly Echo 1. Sep. 2014 um 7:40 Uhr 
её бы на андроид
qusxoa 1. Juli 2014 um 8:10 Uhr 
일단 MP3로 된 음악파일이 파일을 필요로 하며 키보드로 조작시 조작감이 힘들고 조작방법에대한 설명은 옵션에 들어가서 봐야하기때문에처음에 접금성도 힘들고 조작도 키보드로 하기에는 무리가 있는듯하다.
Prophet 22. Juni 2014 um 16:38 Uhr 
Love this game, just bought it a couple days ago :)
SnowyKitty 28. Apr. 2014 um 22:14 Uhr 
please make a mac version !!!!
•.FřÖşȚ.• 1. März 2014 um 9:26 Uhr 
I freaking love it ;( cant buy it
Exile 26. Feb. 2014 um 3:24 Uhr 
turn the music on!
today we follow the rhythm!
Loïc  [Autor] 21. Feb. 2014 um 12:21 Uhr 
Thanks guys :)