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Would anyone else like to see: Dynasty Warriors 6?
That's right I'm partaking in it myself. I'd like to tell Koei about this and I plan to do so.

However I'm very curious as to how many folks around here would like to see this game on this platform.

Dynasty Warrior 6 is a game with a PC version. Thus it would be very easy to bring the game to Steam and it would sell a lot better. In fact the PC version of this game just isn't nearly common enough. And digitally distributing it on Steam would not only bring in a lot of sales, but would probably save a lot of money in printing more copies. It's a truly optimal situation for everyone, especially Koei.

I doubt that Koei would need to go through Greenlight in order to get on Steam. But I'd hardly be shocked by anything given that La-Mulana is on Greenlight.

And also, I figured that this game for the PC is so rare that many may not be aware of its existence. Thus maybe this topic could create others interested in emailing or otherwise contacting them about putting this game on Steam. I would definitely appreciate anyone taking time out of their day to contact them and tell them about this opportunity.
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C0untzer0 Nov 25, 2012 @ 1:06am 
I think that would probably be a better place for that one. They'd probably get right in without a vote, as well. What I'd really like is the whole series to be ported.
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