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Seriamus Oct 6, 2013 @ 1:25pm
Timesplitters: Future Perfect
Maybe I have a bit more bias as to this game's true quality than others, but this was my childhood, and to this day, I believe it to be an incredible work of art. Dated back to the GameCube and Xbox days, it was an abhorrently underappreciated game -- as were many, I suppose. It never sold very many copies (comparatively speaking, that is), eventually causing the company that made it to go defunct, making me doubtful as to whether this game would even be legally allowed to sell here on steam.
I have the console to play the original game, but I'd much rather have access to it on a system (PC) which wouldn't re-release every few years, leaving all older games behind/incompatible, as well as rendering the previous ones invonvenient to switch between and..."outdated." We're looking at you, Xbox.
It was a vastly unpopular yet amazing game (the video game equivalent of Supernatural or Firefly), but I was wondering if there were any others who have played it or heard of it from someone. Hopefully to get this masterpiece recognized and set in an eternal gaming platform.
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Skoardy Oct 6, 2013 @ 1:48pm 
Since it was never made for the PC, you're out of luck regarding an existing port. Your best prospect is the TimeSplitters Rewind project sat in Concepts which is apparently a Crytek-endorsed remake of all three games.
Seriamus Oct 6, 2013 @ 7:48pm 
Haha -- Rewind was what made me think to put up this post on Greenlight in the first place. I am excited and anticipative of it, but something tells me that I'm going to have to buy it on a website that isn't Steam. Petitioning for Future Perfect to be released on Steam would have set a precedent to include Rewind in their listings as well once it came out, assuming they'd have accepted it. I trust Steam with my payment information significantly more than the oddball websites you'll find out there. I honestly didn't think it would work, but I figured it was worth a shot.
Skoardy Oct 7, 2013 @ 5:09am 
Well, Rewind *is* on Concepts which suggests they're aiming to bring it to Steam so I'm not sure where you get your sense that it wouldn't be. There's a lot of buzz from fans of the series so I don't see it having a great deal of trouble getting it through Greenlight once they reach that stage.

And given FP was never ported to the PC you wouldn't simply be petitioning for something to be released, you'd be expecting them to port the game, years after release with a remake already in the pipeline.

Either way, it's the IP owners you'd need to convince with all this, not Valve. They don't go chasing down games - devs/publishers bring their games to Valve.
Milk Mustachio Jan 30, 2015 @ 9:31am 
The "Rewind" nonsense is never coming to life. The progress for the past year and a half is absolutely minimal - they (the "developers") bit off more than they can chew when they opted to "make their own from scratch."

Just look at the bursts of hype surrounding GoldenEye: Source back in 2007/2006. It's taken over 7 years, but GE:S is slowly but surely coming.

TS: Rewind is supposedly going to be free. So if no one is going to be paid, their isn't a way to guarantee deadlines are met. "Developers" always leave their work and claim "real life" gets in the way. It's never real life... they're just bored doing hours and hours for a blips of appreciation on the internet.
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Brian Jan 30, 2015 @ 4:01pm 
Time Splitters are such fun games! If they are added on here hopefully they will have online multiplayer. I played two of them on the Gamecube growing up. Such great games, there are so many characters to unlock and the story modes are decently long.
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