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The Uncanny Feeling May 8, 2013 @ 3:42pm
Add Bedlam game to steam!
Anyone remember the awesome Bedlam game from back in 90s? it was one of the very first mecha games with mouse, where you were controlling 3 robots ..

Your mission was to kill mutant robot aliens, save scientists and lay waste on EVERYTHING on map from buldings to aircrafts to railways... pick coins and bonus objectives.. find secret weapons, upgrade/unlock others (like plasma cannons)..

It sure is a game that will DEFINATELY gonna be one of your favorites.. there are not many videos of it nowdays but Old should know and new MUST try..

Please STEAM find and add Bedlam ... originaly the game was licenced to GT Interactive and Mirage... dunno what happened after those 2 closed but it would be great to have it on steam..
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Skoardy May 8, 2013 @ 4:26pm 
Valve don't go hunting after games. Developers/publishers bring their games to Valve so if you want any particular title on Steam, your best bet is to track down whoever owns the rights now and convince them to submit the game. Posting here won't achieve anything at all.

Also, there's a Requests sub-forum if you plan to make more posts like this. It won't do anything either - posting in there is useless too but it's always nice to post in the right forum.
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