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The Ronin 125 May 18, 2012 @ 6:05am
[Ronin's Workshop Idea Thread] Got a TF2 idea? Let us listen to them
I removed the suspended tag. I'll be reading from here onward. However, i will not be able to read everything. I'll let everyone know when and if you need to repost your ideas. I also started removing the ideas pending that i know i cant work on anymore. If you dont see it in the pending list, sorry i cant work on them anymore.

As always, I will contact the person if i choose his/her idea. Thanks for those who stuck on to this thread.

That is it for now.

  • Create an ITEM idea.
  • Post your COSMETIC ideas on the comments.
  • Post an image of your idea.
  • Dont post Weapon, Taunts, Animations, Effects or Map ideas.

For those still reading on... We want to help the community get more involved in submitting items in the workshop. So if you think you have a good idea for an item for us to create for TF2, post them here and lets discuss them. If it's good we'll work on it. You will be creadited with at least 5% of the contributor shares and more if you work with the model itself. Posting pictures and raw renders are prefered. Please, post ideas for TF2 cosmetic items only, we cannot create maps, particle effects or weapons or stats at the moment.

Also, please do not add me in steam. Do not try and give me your idea in steam chat as well. It's not only going to take my time, it is also not safe. I cannot possibly keep track of everyone i talk to so there is very minimal possibility for me to credit you that way. If you feel that posting your idea publicly is not suitable for you or are afraid for the idea to stolen, then i'm sorry i cannot accept it privately.

Recently completed Items:

Rate them up if you like them. Thanks for your support.

*Working Ideas:
Blushy Heavy Face
Emet Brown Hair
Football pads
Fist Full of Bullets Remake (soldier/engineer)
Musketeer Set (Demo)
Turban (Demo/Soldier/Heavy)
Bag Pipes
Hot Mug + Hot Canister (All-Class)

*These ideas are ideas i'm actively working on. It may or may not be completed based on many circumstances. If they are removed from this list, it means they will not be worked on due to some justifiable reason. The ideas work list is also arranged in no particular order.
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Touchmate-Kenan Nov 15, 2012 @ 10:11am 
Know those winter hats that have two peices of yarn comming from the sides, and a ball of like yarn, or someimes fur? take this for example
Koopa Klaus Nov 15, 2012 @ 10:47am 
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etack Nov 15, 2012 @ 10:22pm 
Originally posted by WDZ/FFN The Ronin:
Originally posted by dej etack:
again probably done already, but how about a ski mask for the spy? "For keeping warm in winter, or hiding your identity during a major felony"
I may take this up. I'll put this on the bottom of the list. It would help to provide an image of this.
admitedly i didn't have anything specific in mind but i did a google search, and found one that looks interesting, hope this helps.
Earl de Darkwood 10 Nov 17, 2012 @ 6:20am 
A raven for the medic (Already done for the pyro , but will be more nice for the medic with the grimm + beak) and a bayonnet for the Soldier.
Talking Yak Nov 17, 2012 @ 9:31am 
Soldier hat called the cold soldier, basically the default hat with icicles hanging off of it anda frosty beard on him
5¹ SonicSnipe New PC Nov 17, 2012 @ 3:06pm 
All Class
Where the area is green, that would be like a wrap around for the hat with like snowflakes or something festive on it, and if a player was facing someone wearing the hat, there would be like, a mistle toe on the right , stuck behind the festive wrap.
I would attempt this myself but I actually think this is a hat that could get put in, and would like it to be done professionally.
The Ronin 125 Nov 19, 2012 @ 5:17am 
Originally posted by NateTheGreat428:
SNOWMAN!!! that would look sick
extra health
i prefer not to make the snowman concepts. I can't make stats for items.
The Ronin 125 Nov 19, 2012 @ 5:18am 
Originally posted by Earl de darkwood IZ NOT HERE:
Already asked a lot of time , Revolution french hat for the spy
I'll need image reference for that.
The Ronin 125 Nov 19, 2012 @ 5:20am 
Originally posted by FL Beep Boop:
1. How about replace the Heavy bullet belt with a belt of small Christmas Crackers instead? Or we could place them on the Soldier, Pyro and Demo?
2. Although maybe not Christmas themed, we could do girly gloves for the Medic. It could be in different styles.
Sorry about the huge links :c
  • i cannot replace the ammo belt for the heavy
  • I'll pass on the gloves for the medic as well since its not replaceable either.
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The Ronin 125 Nov 19, 2012 @ 5:22am 
Originally posted by Talking Yak:
How about a medic misc called the common cold, it could have a thermometer in his mouth like the nine-pipe problem and perhaps a jiggle-boned snot on his nose that is slightly team coloured
I find it silly that its the doctor that got the cold. Sorry.
The Ronin 125 Nov 19, 2012 @ 5:33am 
Originally posted by ♠Papa Kal♠:
I also got a new idea for both soldier and demoman, a feudal japan peasant hat. Something like this:
I hope this one doestn exist xD
i already made something like this. I just need to release it.
The Ronin 125 Nov 19, 2012 @ 5:33am 
Originally posted by ♠Papa Kal♠:
Also thinking of an item that could go with it would be a dojo outfit, a misc for again those two classes. Could look like this:
This breaks the shape of the class too much.
The Ronin 125 Nov 19, 2012 @ 5:33am 
Originally posted by Rush Knight:
"The Proper Chick" (Heavy Misc) - A lacy pastel pink/blue bra worn over the vest. Paintable.
i'll need an image reference for this.
The Ronin 125 Nov 19, 2012 @ 5:48am 
Originally posted by ✔ Gaben Freeman {Obama2012}:
1.Hot cocoa for scout
2.moose hooves for heavy (melee to go with the moose hat) nose for pyro(my guess is it been done but IDK)
4.Maaaayeee a missletoe for scout because he is a "ladykiller" per say.
5.A big sack for heavy r scout representing Santas sack of toys. (replaces scouts dufflebag or just a misc for heavy.) (my fav idea from all these)
6.A christmas reef all class, goes around their neck.
7. Earmuffs, now hear me out, you've had this ida allot of times and allot of the times it was me who said it, this is a really good all class misc or a misc for engi and scout. (also one o my favorites)
8. a carrot nose for pyro(representing the snowman)
  • Already making an all-class one.
  • I'll pass on the melee moose hooves
  • Already made last year
  • I will not make Christmas or holiday specific items.
  • Same reason above for the santa bag.
  • i'm already collaborating with someone for an earmuffs.
  • carrot nose for the pyro is too silly for my taste.
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