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Sl33py [Riju] Nov 23, 2012 @ 11:20am
Weapon Ideas [For Christmas]
Since I'm too lazy to learn how to use SDK to model and create things, here's some ideas for people to use that might be able to take it to good use(Names and Stats aren't really decided by us, but they're there at least. If something similar is already in the workshop, tell me):

The Snow-Bomber(Stickybomb Launcher)
Appearance: A light-blue and white coloring, and the Stickybombs look like snowballs with blue/red spikes coming out of them respectively. Maybe snowflake designs on the launcher.
Possible stats:
-50% explosion knockback
-20% firing speed
40% speed reduction on hit enemies.

Saxton-Clause's Gift Launcher(Grenade Launcher)
Appearance: Has a gift-wrap skin with a bow on it. Bombs look like presents(Blue or Red respectively).
Possible stats:
-25% firing speed
-25% clip size
Bombs shatter on surfaces
Upon exploding, there is a chance a small health or ammo pack will spawn.

The Santa's Treat(Sandvich)
Appearance: A cookie... Yep.
Possible stats:
Same as the Sandvich; Just a reskin.

The Naughty Knife(Knife)
Appearance: A double-sided knife with dark-gray metal and a black handle with a Saxton-Clause skull on it
Possible stats:
+10 max health
-10% swing speed
Upon a successful backstab, the enemy is turned to Coal.
This knife has silent backstabs.

The Nice Knife(Knife)
Appearance: A double-sided knife with light-gray metal and a white handle with a Saxton-Clause face on it.
Possible stats:
-10 max health
+10% swing speed
Upon a successful backstab, a small health or ammo pack is dropped.

Saxton-Clause's Sneaky Gift-Giver(Cloak)
Appearance: Looks like the cloak-and-dagger with Saxton-Clause's face in the center of it and a red-green color pattern and a tag hanging off of it with 'Saxton Clause' written on it.
Possible stats:
Cloak type - Feign Death
+3 second cloak time
Loud uncloaking sound
A jingling noise is made while moving cloaked.

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yoshiva99 Nov 24, 2012 @ 5:43pm 
Im planning on getting 3ds max so if i make these ill be sure to tag you in it :)
Sl33py [Riju] Nov 24, 2012 @ 7:54pm 
Haha, cool beans :)
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