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Mr Vicious Oct 6, 2013 @ 2:30pm
Need some help getting Items in game. Please Help.
I have Maya and I know how to make a basic polygon model. I haven't learned uv wrapping or texturing just yet, but im getting to that chapter soon. That I got down. What do I do from there? I read post saying well I need to get the SDK, but which one? Especially since a new SDK came out on gitHub. Also post say I need to get a paint program like gimp or PS. Ok, is there like a plugin I need for maya for that or a special file format? Then let say I finish that well how do I get my model into game or test it in the SDK?

A step by step guide or a link to a post or blog, something simple not to technical would really help. And I have been to the source/valve wiki and it is just to technical/messy for me to follow. Some of the post I have searched for are outdated methods. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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If you were working with blender, we got a whole steam group dedicated to it, but you're working with maya so you're gonna have to rely on autdesk's help files and community.

the SDK is in steam itself.
LIbrary -> Tools -> Source SDK

for the plugins and stuff look at this.

for a guide to importing, check this:

finally an ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL THING TO LOOK UP when doing models is TOPOLOGY and EDGE FLOW- these things can make or break the prettiness of your models.
Mr Vicious Oct 7, 2013 @ 12:13am 
Hey, really appreciate the help. Thnx. I found that blender community and joined up. And might give that a try again. I had tried using that first, but had no idea what the terminology meant. But now I got a good understanding of modeling. Doesn't hurt to know more than one modeling program. But Im definitely going to apply this help to my maya program. Again, thanx for the help.
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