Pb_N'_Joyce 2013年10月3日下午2:34
Making items in tf2 not conflic with each other. Ex: The Anger & DoubleCross Comm
Hell I am very bad with the workshop s I was woundering if someone could do this. I was thinking of taking out the conflicting conflict with items that cant be used together Ex: The Anger & DoubleCross Cromm conflict because both wear a mask so how about having an item to craft that make it into one Ex: 4x Refined Metal, The Anger, DoubleCross Comm put into the blue print then it will craft one head wear of hat that looks like to anger but with ghost mask on it. still with the hood. Please do this for me.
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Lala/Bonnie 2013年10月3日下午3:47 
come back when you can spell properly. thanks.
Pb_N'_Joyce 2013年10月3日下午5:54 
Really, I can't help that my computer keyboard is broken also I am getting a new one this week.
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