Snowstorm 1 okt, 2013 @ 2:44
Suggestion: "Other Items you may like"/ Suggested Items
I have a suggestion that I think could benefit the way the Steam Workshop works.

As it is the most visible items in the Steam Workshop are those on the front page. These items become even more visible when they rise to the top row, when they're featured in Stores as well like the Dota 2 one. However other items that never reach the front page never get such coverage, and since the front page is of limited size items on the second page and beyond get far less attention.

The problem here is that items on the front page are already easily visible, and with say workshops like Dota 2, visible items getting even more votes does not necessarily add anything more to them since Valve is the ultimate judge of whether they get into the game.

I would suggest adding a feature like youtube's "Other Videos You Might Like" on item pages. One that either suggests other items with similar characteristics to the current, or even say other items that the workshopper might have been involved in. This wouldn't affect the current setup of the workshop, and would allow views to trickle down from more popular items to less popular ones so that all items get fair coverage. Suggested items could be ones on the next page of the workshop for e.g., or be some of the other suitable most recent items submitted.

As it is I think the Steam Workshop does a good job at providing coverage of items for voting. I've experimented with adding items without any external promotion whatsoever and they often still get picked up, which is great. However given the big difference in attention that front page items get (especially top row items), I think the Workshop would be even better if there was a way for these views to trickle down to other items.
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