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Zetnus 50 Sep 24, 2013 @ 12:52am
Publishing/Updating in the New Workshop (+former old workshop bug thread)
This thread used to house information about the “old workshop” (pre-patch 4.0+); you can still find that information further below.

Publishing under the new system

1) Take a look at \Steam\SteamApps\common\Age2HD\resources and find out where the files that you have modded normally reside. For example, scenarios are in \_common\scenario

2) Go to \Age2HD\mods and create a new folder and name it what you want your mod to be called in the workshop.

3) You need to recreate the folder structure that you found in the resources folder. For example, to publish a scenario you would make these folders: \mods\YOUR_MOD_NAME\resources\_common\scenario\YOUR_SCENARIO.scx

4) Open the game and click on “Steam Workshop”. You should hopefully see an unpublished entry for your mod. You can publish it from here. If you don’t see an entry, you probably misnamed one of your folders.

5) You can edit the preview image by replacing \mods\YOUR_MOD_NAME\_preview-icon.jpg

Hope this helps! Please ask any questions you might have.

You can also look at this guide:
or this video:

Updating under the new system

1) Subscribe to your item that you want to update

2)Go to \mods\YOUR_MOD_NAME\ and make sure you have the new versions of your files in place

2)Start the game and click on “Steam Workshop”

3)You should see two entries for your mod:
-One will have the “update mod” option grayed out. This is the subscription. If you click on it, you can see the file names of the files currently included in the published version of your mod.
-The other will have “update mod” available and should list the new file names (if you changed the names).
-If you see a BLUE FEATHER and “publish mod” available, then you need to STOP. You are not subscribed to your mod. Exit the game and go do that.
-If the name of your mod folder does not exactly match the name of the item in the workshop you will also have a blue feather. In this case you need to rename either the folder or the entry in the Workshop so that they are identical. Only then can you proceed with updating it.

4)If everything is in order, click on “update mod”.

5)Clear the description field to prevent it from overriding your existing description in the workshop



UPDATE: The New Workshop
This post is about the "Old Workshop" which was has been in place since the game was released. A new workshop system with new ways of handling mods, an in-game mod-manger and many other improvements is currently being implemented. You can read about it here:

EDIT: Patch 4.0 implemented the new workshop system. Authors should upgrade their mods to the new system to allow people to continue using them. Users can manually move files to the new locations: Files in the the old locations will NOT APPEAR in game when running patch 4.0+


Background rant
It is actually rather nice to have Workshop support for Age of Empires II HD, but a couple of bugs and issues have been getting on my nerves. It was not major stuff at first so I just lived with it ... until I realized that my submissions were not being updated despite getting "upload successful”. There I was applying hotfixes and improvements to my maps - but everyone was still receiving the original!

So I decided it was about time to compile a list of all the things that are not working correctly in and around the workshop. Fixes and workarounds are included where available. A lot of the fixes and workarounds are not ideal and may not always work!

I’ve included an FAQ with answers to questions that are frequently asked. Feel free to copy the relevant section into your post if you need to answer the question for someone (or just send them here to read). Also, if you have suggestions for more FAQs, post them and I will add them. If you notice any mistakes in what I wrote, let me know as well.

The Basics - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to I download stuff from the workshop?
A: Click on the big green "subscribe" button and wait for steam to complete the download.

Q: The mod isn't working/ I don't see any changes in-game
A: Please try the following before asking for help:
1 ->> Subscribe, and start the game. Make sure to let the intro video run for a while. This gives the mod time to extract and apply itself and is especially important for large files such as music or graphical mods. Restart the game and see if it worked.
2 ->> Check to see if you are currently subscribed to more than 30 mods. If so, unsubscribe from workshop items such as maps and scenarios which you have already downloaded successfully. They will not be deleted if you unsubscribe. Just make sure to back them up if you do a full reinstall of the game
3 ->> Go to Steam\SteamApps\common\Age2HD\mods and see if you find a file there that corresponds to the mod you are looking for. If not, then the mod has not downloaded. Go back to step 2, or try unsubscribing and resubscribing. If you do have the file but the workshop item is not appearing in game, this because the mod is not extracting correctly. You can delete the file and then try step 1 again. Alternatively, you can open up the file (it's an extensionless archive) and manually place the files in the correct folders. To open the file, you can simply give it a *.zip extension and then open it.
4 ->> If all else fails, ask for help in these forums or from the author of the workshop item. State clearly what your issue is and which steps you have attempted already to solve it

Here is a nice guide to Manually Installing Mods

Q: How do I remove a mod?
A: Unsubscribing does not remove anything! All it does is prevent the mod from being downloaded again if it's associated modfile in Age2HD\mods is removed.
To remove a workshop item follow these steps:
1 ->> Unsubscribe
2 ->> If the mod in question adds files to the game (ex. maps, scenarios, campaigns, AIs, taunts > 42, etc.) you need to go to the respective folder and manually delete the files. The game directory is often in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Age2HD
If the mod replaces game files (ex. terrain textures, music, taunts 1-42, gamedata modifications such as infinite pop, etc) then you should verify the integrity of the game cache.
3 ->> Verifying the game cache does not always remove all mods (ex. alternate mines). If this happens to you must manually delete the files and then afterwards verify the integrity of the game cache to restore the original files. Usually you will have to delete files from the Age2HD\Data\Slp folder. If you want to know exactly what to delete, you can go to Age2HD\mods and open up the associated modfile (it's an extenionless archive) which will tell you where the mod extracts to. To open the file, you can simply give it a *.zip extension and then open it.
Alternatively, if you can't be bothered to find out which file to delete, just remove the entire Data folder. Once you verify the game cache, the original game files will all be restored anyway.
4 ->> For good measure, go and remove the modfile from Age2HD\mods when you are done, because it is not removed automatically.

Q: How do I upload a workshop item?
A: Click on "Map Editor" on the main title screen and then click on "Steam Workshop".

Q: I'm getting an error when uploading
A: Scroll down and read the section on uploading.

Q: How do I update my workshop submission?
A: Short answer - you don't. Updating is bugged so you should make a new submission instead.
Long answer - Scroll down and read the section on updating.

Q: How do I verify the integrity of the game cache?
A: Like this.


- "Publish error 16", when trying to upload larger files, for example soundtracks or textures.
[fix - error 16 is a connection timeout, try again until it is successful – it might be a good idea to try during times when Steam is being less used. Another thing to try is to open the uploader from inside the scenario editor instead of from the main screen. A non-ideal solution is to reduce the file size - for example if you are uploading soundtracks. You can also split the mod into multiple Workshop items to reduce the overall file size without a loss of quality.]

- Certain file types, for example *.rms2 are not visible in the uploader
[fix - type the filename of the item you wish to upload and then select it from the dropdown list.]

- "Publish error 2" seems to be occur due to an incomplete installation of the game. [fix - first, try uploading again and see if the error goes away by itself. If not, check for pending updates and verify the integrity of the game cache.]

- "Publish error 21" happens when you are not connected to the internet. [Check your connection.]

- "Publish error 37" cause uncertain; seems to be similar to Publish error 9

- "Publish error 25" Getting error 25 tells you you can't upload new mods anymore - it's either a total count (seems to be 255 mods) - or it's the total steam cloud size limit (seems to be 1000mb).

- "Publish error 24" Your account is limited. fix - spend 5 USD directly through Steam; or upload your item somewhere else like the AoK Blacksmith[]


- The name of the modfile associated with the Workshop item does not change name when you rename the Workshop item. Result: "publish error 9" when trying to update the file.
[fix - rename the Workshop item so that they have exactly the same name, then update. (NOTE - even though the update may appear to be successful - often the original file is still the one in the Workshop instead of the new version - see next point!) If the modfile is missing from the mods folder, subscribe and start a game to get it.]

- Despite an update appearing to have been completed successfully, in most cases the original file is still included instead of the updated version.
[fix – unknown. The only reliable solution is to make a new Workshop submission with the updated version. Occasionally updates are completely successful, but so far I have not been able to work out why or how.]


- In some cases mods may not load/extract fully.
[fix - do not cancel the introduction video and start the game multiple times if necessary (does not always work). Alternatively, open the modfile as described above and manually place the files in their respective directories.]

- If you are subscribed to more than 30 items, new subscriptions will not be downloaded.
[fix - unsubscribe from scenarios and maps - these will remain in their respective folders even if you verify the game cache after unsubscribing - just back them up if you attempt a full reinstall]

- If you are experiencing subscription errors, it may help to clean out your mods folder, because the files stay in there even after you unsubscribe. It's ok to delete them all, because the ones you are subscribed to will redownloaded next time you start the game.

- If you are subscribed to a mod that changes, rather than ads to, existing files (for example, any terrain mod), verifying the game cache will restore the original game files, despite the fact that you are subscribed. The mod will NOT automatically reapply itself if it is overwritten by verifying the game cache, even if you are subscribed to it. An easy way to restore what you are subscribed to is to remove the associated file from the mods folder - the mod will then be reapplied next time you start the game.

- If a new game update/patch or dlc is installed, it may alter files from mods you are subscribed to (not maps and scenarios, but any mods that replace rather than add files are at risk). The mod will NOT automatically reapply itself if it is overwritten by an update, even if you are subscribed to it.
[fix - delete the associated archive in the "mods" folder and load up the game, letting the intro video run. If this does not work, unsubscribe from the mod (and delete the archive file to be sure it's reloaded), and verify your game cache. Then resubscribe and start up the game, letting the intro video run fully to give the mod time to extract.]

- You might consider looking at Ozhara's Mod Manager if you find yourself needing to reapply mods regularly. It can help you easily reapply mods.


- Unsubscribing does not remove workshop items from your game.
[fix - maps, scenarios and AI files must be manually deleted from their respective folders. Terrain mods, sound mods and gamedata mods will generally be removed by verifying the integrity of the game cache, however... ]

- In some cases, verifying the integrity of the game cache after unsubscribing may not restore all of the original textures/graphics.
[fix - manually delete the files or the folder (usually the slp folder) containing them and verify again. To find out which files are affected, open the modfile of the associated mod - it is just an archive without an extension so extraction programs should open it. Renaming it to a .zip and then opening it also works. Or just delete the whole data folder and then verify the cache.]


- The Workshop occasionally "resets" itself to an earlier state, with the result that recent mods no longer appear on any of the lists (most popular, most recent etc.) nor in search results, despite still being set to "public".
[fix - if you notice that this has happened to your item, change the visibility to private and then back to public. Also try clicking on a direct link to the workshop item to restore visibility.]

- During such Workshop "resets" a number of ratings and subscribers may sometimes be lost.

- The search filter "A.i" does not correspond with the tag "Ai" given by the in-game uploader. As a result, custom AIs are hard to find.
fix - once you manage to find an AI script, click on the tag Ai to display the others. Also, take a look at the collection: All mods with the tag "Ai"

If you notice any other Workshop-related issues please share them and I will update the list.
Also, feel free to lobby to MS and Valve to get this stuff fixed - especially the updating bug!
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Ozhara 214 Sep 24, 2013 @ 3:35am 
Really a great idea!

Most errors and fixes I know of are already in the list, here some additions:

As error numbers are sometimes hard to find themselve, you should add error 16 is a connection timeout, so beside trying it again it is also a good thing to try at times steam is used less, I experienced much better uploading connections then. :)

If you rename your publishing name to the one you used for your initial upload, you will still get no update, as it will be published as a new mod, for it checks the steam title first and in a second step the file name on the steam server.
And renaming a file in your modfolder will change nothing - so you should rename the steam title while updating in any case.

The deleting - the verification just checks/deletes the original game files. So EVERY additional file a mod provides - even ones using AoEs mod integration, like additional slps for graphics - won't be deleted. So in case of graphic mods it's the best to just delete the slp folder if you aren't sure.
To check what files you have to delete you can also open the modfile, that is just a zip-archive without an extension.

If a mod doesn't work after a subscription, delete all mod files you unsubscribed. For they are additional files, they will never be deleted automatically, and sometimes steam gets confused for which ones to use. So keeping this folder clean manually will help you getting less subscription errors.

If your mod vanishes from the workshop, it also helps to open it by clicking on a link to it.
Last edited by Ozhara; Sep 24, 2013 @ 5:39am
Ozhara 214 Sep 24, 2013 @ 3:40am 
Oh, and I experienced you sometimes get less error 16s while uploading, if you don't use the dialog in the AoE main menu, but create/edit a scenario, opening the dialog from ingame.

And for updating, it seems the version in your mod folder before trying an update has to be the actual one, so it can be necessary to subscribe to your own mod. When I experienced the not working updates, I tried it several times in a row, getting an error number I don't remember, that vanished each time after a new round of unsub/verification/resub the mod.
Last edited by Ozhara; Sep 24, 2013 @ 3:46am
Zetnus 50 Sep 24, 2013 @ 4:38am 
thanks for your additions, I will update the post!

Originally posted by Ozhara:

If you rename your publishing name to the one you used for your initial upload, you will still get no update, as it will be published as a new mod, for it checks the steam title first and in a second step the file name on the steam server.
And renaming a file in your modfolder will change nothing - so you should rename the steam title while updating in any case.

This updating mess is still confusing me , but here is what I have observed:

1. If you don't give the mod you are updating the exactly same title as it already has in the workshop, you will get a new submission instead of updating the current one.
2. If you do give it the same title as it has in the workshop, but that title is not the same as the file in your mods folder, you will get publish error 9.
3A. If you then rename the file in the mods folder to match the title in the workshop, you will not get publish error 9, and it will seem to be sucessful, however the original file will still be in the workshop.
3B. If you rename the workshop title to fit the modifile you will not get publish error 9, and it will seem to be sucessful, however the original file will still be in the workshop.
4. The above seems to happen regardless of whether or not you are subscribed to the item at the time.

If someone can find a working method for updating submissions more than once, please post it!
Zetnus 50 Oct 11, 2013 @ 8:40am 
If a moderator wants to make this post sticky so that it's at the top of the Workshop discussions, that might be be very usefull for Workshop users.
Bassefrom 15 Oct 24, 2013 @ 8:03am 
It doesn't need to be stickied, it has to be fixed.
Zetnus 50 Oct 25, 2013 @ 8:35am 
Originally posted by Bassefrom:
It doesn't need to be stickied, it has to be fixed.

I agree - but I can't fix it myself so all I can do is raise awareness and hope that it is moved up the priority list for stuff to fix.
Zetnus 50 Dec 24, 2013 @ 3:39pm 
I've never really had many problems with publish error 16 until now, because most of my items weren't huge. But now I've been trying to upload a set of soundtracks which total almost 100 mb, so I just wanted to ask if you know what the limit is (I think it was either 100 or 120 mb). In any case I have tried the uploader in the main menu and in the scenario editor multiple times each without sucess. I try will see if splitting the tracks into 2 sets helps. Also, is there a max file size for individual files?
Ozhara 214 Dec 24, 2013 @ 6:24pm 
The whole mods max size is 100mb, a single file has a max of 2mb.

I experienced exactly the same, the larger a mod the more error 16 I get. And it's not my connection, in case I forgot some file at one try, it worked like a charm.

Some of my soundtracks needed retrying to publish them for more than an hour/20+ tries.
Sometimes it helped to reset my internet connection as for some reason the first try works much better most of the time.
Almost none of my soundtracks worked with less than 5-8 tries...

And it's similar to this when using soundtracks. May it be due to their size or whatever. No other type of mod seems to be that buggy.

Most common errors are not to wait for them to copmpletelly download or to cancel the intro too early so their extraction cancels (for their size, here this really matters).

But I even read in the LoTR soundtrack that some people have to start a rms match and close the game before the soundtrack is kind of 'activated' after the next game start.

By now I mostly recommend to extract soundtrack mods manually in case the archive file was downloaded correctly. That way you can pass most installation bugs and it works pretty well.
Last edited by Ozhara; Dec 24, 2013 @ 6:36pm
Zetnus 50 Dec 26, 2013 @ 2:59am 
Thanks for the info. Max 2mb per file? That would explain why I am having trouble.

... On the other hand, I just browsed throught your GoT tracks and quite a few of them are more than 2mb, so how did you get those uploaded if there is a 2mb limit per individual file?
Ozhara 214 Dec 26, 2013 @ 4:06am 
Oh, sorry. Seems I was a bit confused... As you surely know the preview image has a max size of 2mb. An I think I had a problem with files larger in size than 2mb with some early graphic/terrain mods... but not completely sure about that. For soundtracks there seems to be no limit.

But I experienced the uploading problems to start from around 25mb onwards. The more problems the large the complete mod. (The size of the preview image counts to the complete mods size when uploading it...)

So there seems to be no solution for now beside to try it over and over again /like I do - sometimes for real hours... :( - or to split it down massively. But for the 30 mods cap AoE has at the moment this isn't very userfriendly...
Zetnus 50 Jan 5, 2014 @ 1:21pm 
Well I managed to get it uploaded by reducing the quality so that the files are only half as large (50mb). It took a long time to upload but it worked in the end.

But ... now I've run into the visibility issue issue again (where stuff doesn't turn up in the lists or searches). -_- .....
Ozhara 214 Jan 5, 2014 @ 1:25pm 
For me too, but just today.

And it seems the lists are all totally 'dead'. The daily list looks exactly like the most rated one for me, so there are no entries from today at all. The screenshots didn't change since yesterday...
So this is different from the other issue, as mods are affected that didn't loose their visibility.

I tried the old trick with the visibility, but my new collection doesn't show up.
cjbeards 5 Feb 26, 2014 @ 4:10pm 
Good job putting this out there. The updating has been a real problem for me.
Zetnus 50 Mar 2, 2014 @ 4:04pm 
Originally posted by ♥♥♥eards:
Good job putting this out there. The updating has been a real problem for me.

Yeah. I have been putting off adding AoF support to my maps, because it would mean having to make a bunch of new Workshop items, since I can't reliably update the current ones.
Filthydelphia 16 Mar 5, 2014 @ 5:58pm 
Is the files not updating thing ever going to be fixed?
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