Oblivion workshop page
The Steam workshop is the easiest way to install mods, but there isnt a page for Oblivion, and i havent the faintest idea how to installmods off the internet.
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Stein 2013年9月23日上午1:48 
Agreed it would be nice to have a workshop for that
*Skull* 2013年9月24日上午2:00 
pjrsport 2013年9月24日下午2:45 
theres nexus the have a bunch
ellis1031 2013年10月26日上午10:12 
Yes Please! im thinking of buying that game and it would be AWESOME if it had a workshop page!
MWM 2014年2月2日下午8:42 
Agreed, I'd like to install a stabilization mod for Oblivion, but Nexusmods is the only site I've found that offers one, and I can't be bothered to make an account for a website I'd only use once.

+1 to an Oblivion Workshop page. I've played the game for over 150 hours, and I'd like to continue without it constantly crashing and corrupting saved data.
v.A.M.M ; 2014年2月4日上午11:03 
sixquid 2014年2月19日上午10:46 
yep, me too!!!
Xrejj 2014年2月19日上午11:32 
Nydarkfern 2014年2月19日下午6:15 
it is ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ not to have one for this game, SYKRIM is steam's biggest seller and best game, and the workshop is the♥♥♥♥♥♥ if u added a workshop for oblivion your sales in this game would SKYROCKET. a crapton of money for a simple and easy tool you could make in one day. silly not to.
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