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Ocinus Sep 20, 2013 @ 5:58am
Many ideas for new weapons
So one night I was lying on this couch when suddenly my mind exploded with new weapon ideas for tf2. It was quite a while back, so I may have forgotten a few. Anyways, here's the list

Unnamed Pistol for Scout
A pistol that doesn't suffer from damage falloff (meaning that damage is consistant regardless of distance), but it has lower DpS and the Scout takes more damage from bullets.

Sick Syringe Slinger
Primary weapon for medic
This is the only weapon that can cause 'Sickness', which has the same effect as bleeding, but unlike bleeding, it can only be cured from medkits and other Medics. Downside is that the Medic cannot regenerate health

Rocket Laucher for Soldier
50% increase in rocket jump height and 10% damage, but clip size is the same as the Black Box

Bat for Scout
Functions similarily to the sandman, but the ball can only fly a certain distance away from Scout and the duration of the stun is fixed to 3 seconds. However, all bonked enemies will be drawn towards the Scout almost instantly.

Knife for Spy
50% faster firing rate but 75% fire vunurability.

Tell me what you think.
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King Sep 20, 2013 @ 6:28am 
Pistol is good, but damage from enemy bullets should not be increased too much.

Syringe Gun's downside is too crippling, change it to slower Ubercharge or something. Sickness should also have a unique animation which can reveal Cloaked Spies to those observant enough, like Bleeding. Spies love targeting Medics.

Rocket Launcher OK.

Bat might be hard to implement into the game in such a way that it maintains game balance. But still OK.

Knife allows Spies to be able to kill easily without Backstab, thus removing the strategy element in Spy gameplay, not to mention becoming very weak against Pyros, their worst enemy class. Balanced, but in the wrong way.
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CANCER KILER Sep 20, 2013 @ 10:43am 
I normally don't care about these weapon idea poop, but the Aero-Die-Now-Mics is an amazing name, but not so sure about the attributes.
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