Mr. Assassin 2013. szept. 19. @ du. 8:21
How do I upload files to Steam Workshop!?!
I made a soundtrack mod for "Killing Floor" to replace it with the Quake 2 soundtrack. I have it as a .zip file, and it's ready to go. But I have no idea how to upload to Steam Workshop. I've asked in TWO different game hubs already, but no one has responded! It's like uploading to Steam Workshop is a taboo topic or something. I've also googled "How to upload to Steam Workshop", but results that were relative to Skyrim modding appeared. So, any help please? I'd appreciate it, thanks in advance!
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iamninjoe 2013. okt. 20. @ de. 11:30 
I have no idea either.
Linktwo 2013. okt. 22. @ de. 7:08 
I want to know as well. Is there no commuity in the steam workshop?
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