Righteous Bae 2013년 9월 16일 오후 8시 35분
petition for sins of a solar empire workshop support
the title is plain and simple: it would be so much easier to simply download a mod for sins from the workshop, select your mod to use ingame, and play, than have to go: step one install, step 2 use this program to extract file that you have to pay for to use, step 3 spend 3 hours finding the mod path, step 4 rage when mod breaks game. see what i mean?
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Darkheartwolf2011 2013년 12월 7일 오후 3시 08분 
I agree, locating the mods is harder, especially up to date
Admiral_Gravleos 2015년 1월 3일 오후 12시 02분 
from the future :D
sparks512 2016년 8월 15일 오전 10시 50분 
where are the mods for it on steam
cptcruiser 2016년 10월 9일 오후 8시 03분 
highly agreed
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