Vitdom 2013年9月16日上午5:37
[BUG, solved?] Some re-published Workshop works are broken.
The Community Workshop was bugged, and all works published recently are not available for download.

Already existing old works that haven't been re-published recently will work fine.

This issue is not only contained to specific games, but all Workshop compliant games were affected.
最后由 Vitdom 编辑于; 2013年9月18日上午3:57
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Vitdom 2013年9月16日上午7:57 
apparently this isn't solved yet... :/
Chook Chan 2013年9月17日上午8:27 
Bump, my civ 5 mod is not installing correctly when users hit subscribe, downloading the raw upload file instead of extracting to their folders
Vitdom 2013年9月18日上午3:57 
This now looks solved and everyone whos' works broke should re-publish.
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