Willburforce 2013년 9월 12일 오후 3시 14분
Dear Steam, Subscribed items sync prompt please.
WIllburforce comes home after a day at the office. Throws his bag down by the door and rushes into his study.

"Golly Clemantine!" He exclaims to his dog as he strides through the hall "Joe told me about this cracker jack new mod for skyrim. I can't wait to subscribe to it!"

"Awooo!" exclaims Clemantine, giddy with the contagious joy, as Willburforce navigates through the Steam Workshop.

"Jee willickers Clemantine. I just don't understand. I clicked subscribe but the darn thing just isn't downloading. There is also no way for me to tell if it is or isn't actually downloading but it won't show up no matter how long I wait. Restarting steam and my computer doesn't seem to work either."

"Rough" mutters Clemantine.

If you have encountered this problem and would like to see a "Sync Subscriptions" button added to the UI please give your support.

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