I need someone who can 3D model. Anyone?
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Maybe if you say what you need; I'm not professional but I've practiced a lot. If you're patient and I interest the project it could be nice.

No offense but I value my time and to model a good weapon or anything takes a lot of it.
Think it, how much effort was it to have the idea? I know that it's a way important thing but I could spend a good lot of afternoons doing this.
So if the idea isn't really cool (and probably anyway if it is) I'd like to have a pretty nice percentage of the earnings, sorry for underestimating you but I've seen very weird ideas in the workshop and I don't know what I'm offering myself for.

In another order of things, nowadays I'm working on my own project and although it's nearly complete I may need some time to totally finish it and upload it to the workshop (itemtest is driving me crazy, it crashes over and over on my computer) and maybe at the time I'll end it I will be tired. I don't consider this as a compromise.

I know this is not a very good offer (or whatever this has become) but nobody had answered before, so what do you think? would you tell me what you wanna do? I know it sounds like a idea theft but... Let's say that it's tricky.

If all this is right for you, I'll be pleased to come to terms and help you with the development of this mysterious project ^w^

PD: let me apologize about any typing error, I'm Spanish, some words might have been confused :/
I have a few ideas for team fortress 2 items. One of which I can gaurantee will be added
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