JokZer0 Aug 26, 2013 @ 2:48am
Payday 2 Workshop
I was thinking about what if theres a workshop for payday 2? and get enhance text mods. reskined weapons, and such? i would love to see stuff like that. well anything thats not going to change the gameplay in any shape or forms.
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Ebaydude50 Apr 28, 2014 @ 8:18pm 
I just purchased Payday 2 myself and would also be interested.
Dataslak Aug 21, 2014 @ 6:46pm 
I am hereby declaring a 100 USD reward for the first stable working mod that nerfs cloakers.

This is not a joke! I am being serious about this!

I bet there will be great interest in such a mod. There are many who complain in the forums about how cloakers ruin their fun. I am losing Payday 2 friends left and right myself. Cloakers decide the outcome of too many heists. Players can do really well, shoot well, play well as a group. But still experience the fruits of their labour dissolve in the insta-down attack of one or two cloakers. This is especially true on heists where the group have to split in order to defend different fronts or assets (f.i. cirquit brakers). I also disapprove on how cloakers try to force players into playing in a specific way. Give people the choice instead of taking it away from them. Payday 2 was really fun until the Cloaker came out.

Many players defend the cloaker, saying that this unit creates a challenge that enhances the game. - That the whiners are just bad at playing the game, and must train more. But I say that not all people have the time and life to do this. They want to play the purchased game casually, and not be reminded of how unjust life can be. Again: Give players the choice.

Dozers present a challenge that players can gather to defeat, or choose to avoid.
Cloakers simply end a heist when two players are downed, and the remaining players fail in defeating sorrounding enemies and cloakers (usually inside a visibility-limiting cloud) fast enough to provide aid in time.
This is especially frustrating near the end of a really well played heist.

It is not fun when people rage-quit after leaving some sour remarks in the chat.

I hope to see the Cloaker nerfed by for instance:
- Causing something else to spawn instead of the cloaker
- Removing their insta-kill superspeed weapon, rendering them harmless
- Replacing said weapon with a conventional weapon that does not insta-kill/down a player, for instance a melee weapon (which the animation shows). This could force the player into a melee struggle with the cloaker. But the HP of the cloaker must then be reduced - or its vulnerability to melee weapons increased.
- Killing them outright upon spawn
- Or whatever solution is easiest to implement, and most stable.

If anyone believes they can nerf the cloaker, then I will post the job on either or to ensure the interests of both the developer and myself.

Alternative: If the developer is comfortable with my word and promise then I will pay via PayPal as soon as the solution is demonstrated.

I am not interested in existing mods that replace all enemies with other enemies, or makes the cloaker put affected playes in handcuffs. The most preferred way is to either lock the Cloaker to ONLY use its ranged weapon, replace its insta-down-attack with a melee attack, or remove/kill them outright.

The mod must be easily installed and removed (f.i. through a setup utility or easy instructions), so that people with normal computer skill can install/remove it.
The mod should also be designed for easy update if a new Payday 2 update comes out.
SealTeamSeven_YT Aug 22, 2014 @ 2:13am 
nope hole
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