Some White Guy 2013年8月12日 17時46分
I need help deciding
what kind of pc should i get for gaming my budget is 1k because im 14 and have to work forever to get that much
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Brody 2013年8月12日 18時19分 
Im not really sure what your preferences are but the graphics card should defenedtly be the gtx 680. its about 400$ now and if you maybe get and i5 proccessor, due to the proccessor not being all that important for gaming, and just a starderd 7200 rpm 700gb hard drive i think that should fit around your budget. If you have any questions go head and comment on my profile and I will do my best to help you
Brody 2013年8月12日 18時20分 
Damn spelling errors I have dyslexia
xXBioBossXx 2013年8月12日 19時48分 
you should get a mac book pro i have one
xXBioBossXx 2013年8月12日 19時49分 
there realy good but you have to buy a mouse
ackelson 2013年8月12日 20時33分 
Get over here. 2013年8月26日 10時01分 
Busca lo mas economigo y que sirva la 100% no siempre lo mas caro es lo mejor
Some White Guy 2013年8月26日 23時03分 
Gracias por el consejo! :)
patchmasterdoom 2013年8月27日 22時03分 
Dude... Build your own. Typically speaking you will get 3 times the grunt out of a desktop you've built yourself vs. what you'd get for the same price store bought. Intel for high end performance. If you want to do it on a budget go with an AMD chipset. You'll get more bang for your buck. Also, Asus has VERY good instructions with their motherboards. My first PC build was Asus/AMD. Had no clue what I was doing. Did about a week of research, bought my bits and followed the instructions in the manual Asus sent. Started up on the first try and served me well for 5 years.
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