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Archangel470 Aug 6, 2013 @ 9:53am
Survivor Ideas
I've been browsing the workshop, and I find it to be disappointed by the few choices in survivor replacements that I like (I usually go for video game characters, but most (if not all) of the survivor mods are either anime/movie characters, or characters from games that I've never heard of before.

I'm not saying I despise those mods, I have the utmost respect of your tastes, but I just wish that more mods get made of characters that I know. I would LOVE to make my own mods, but I have no modding experience, so feel free to link me to a tutorial on how to mods survivors.

Nobody HAS to make them, I don't NEED them, so I won't force you, BUT, I would greatly appriciate it if these characters are made (I've thought of two characters for each L4D2 survivor.)

Faith (Mirror's Edge) - Rochelle
Grayson Hunt (Bulletstorm) - Nick
RC-1138 "Boss" (Star Wars: Republic Commando) - Coach
Jason Brody (Far Cry 3) - Ellis
Barney Calhoun (Half-Life 2) - Nick
Lara Croft (Tomb Raider 2013) - Rochelle
RC-1262 "Scorch" (Star Wars: Republic Commando) - Ellis
Sam Gideon (Vanquish) - Coach
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