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Jump Engine : Source (♣⁷) Jul 20, 2013 @ 10:51pm
An new medigun request idea! (For a willing 3D weapon modeler, or VALVE organisers)
I have thought up this idea, for a new medic weapon.
But yet, I dont know how to create custom weps and model tf2 weapons.
So Im despritaly kindly asking someone else who is up for this idea.

What I am thinking is that, we "YOU" should create a "poisonous medigun".
A secondary weapon for tf2 medic.
And imagin this, you know how you can normaly heal your team mates with the normal medigun...

well this gun will poison "as in healing a team mate".

*This medigun will poison "beam" a close enemy player.
And this wont heal the enemy player, but my idea is to poison them.
As in like, as you are beaming the enemy player, you are creating a +25% more damage rate or -45% slowing enemy player's movement-
on him for the time you are beaming him.

Or instead of beaming him, you can instead "optionaly" spray green acid, or liquid out of the medigun.
(Along with limited ammo)

But yet as your beaming the enemy player with your poison medigun, *as equiped* it is puting a higher bullet damage mark on you..

And the design Im thinking is a green beam coming out of the medigun, With "x's" or skulls.
And a label on the original medigun saying "poison". With some green acid bottles on the side.

Anyway, the "poison" medigun can ether spray green liquid to effect the enemy player,
(if it gets on him)

Or to just to simply beam the enemy player. (I'd rather the green liquid)

So if valve or even "YOU", can create this weapon discripion/idea.
That will be great, Keep me informed if you do end up doing this!
I give you my "FULL" support.


(source film maker tutorials on video 12 particle tutorial) *that was made by sfm tutorial's*
On time: 7:50

^The inspired video^
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★UP | Mortarz Jul 22, 2013 @ 4:27am 
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