KipaFury 2013年7月20日 11時14分
Fallout 3
In my opinion I think fallout 3 should have a workshop since it's kinda hard to install a mod. Thanks for reading children this is three dog!
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Danger 2013年7月20日 11時19分 
In order to "join" a game in the workshop, it needs the permission of the developper first.
Compton 2013年7月22日 10時54分 
I would love this.
Terrence Fletcher 2013年7月22日 13時42分 
AG1k 2013年7月22日 15時32分 
Falout New Vegas should have it too as well as Fallout 3!
R3deemed1 2013年7月22日 20時13分 
Kaiten 2013年7月23日 0時30分 
I think the elver scroll saga need to be here too
Армия? пфф 2013年7月23日 0時47分 
JkMenttonet21 2014年6月7日 9時51分 
It really be real nice and good so i can play the robco certified and mr smith's scrapyard mods and by the way i really need fallout 3 and fallout new vegas to have a workshop i dont want to download mods on the nexus i think it contains viruses
BuffHamster 2014年10月11日 19時27分 
Danger の投稿を引用:
In order to "join" a game in the workshop, it needs the permission of the developper first.

Since installing Fallout New Vegas requires Steam, why wouldn't they do that? While there is the Nexus, and moddb, you are not really sure what you are getting there, and I have found that when you ask questions about mod installations, you are frequently met with, let us just say, "suggestions that are not really helpful."

Mod installations can be quite complicated, required files, config file changes, conflicting mods, etc; so having a workshop here would be very helpful and possibly revitalize sales for the game and support for Fallout 4, so why wouldn't Bethesda be for that?

EDIT: petition Bethesda to make it happen.
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