aaaaa 2013年7月18日下午10:22
Hey Does anyone want
Citie in motion: London and Fable III - Dog breed DLC
If you want it, Give me a good item for it.
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Cheese Cup 2013年7月19日上午12:13 
I like dlc
XRAIL_LIVE 2013年7月19日上午7:53 
HEY cheese cup guy! do you think or should you think it would be better if DLC was FREE
FREE FREE FREE and DLC has got to and I think it is in stores!!!
XRAIL_LIVE 2013年7月19日上午8:00 
BASH JTM! I will give you train simulator download for free if you give me a new train route
or a new train from train simulator 2013 IF YOU WANT! ONLY IF YOU WANT
"I will send it to DLC for 75% off!" P.S. in stead off trains I CAN trade for your cities in motion thing and i'll give you a 80% off download for train sim 2013
最后由 XRAIL_LIVE 编辑于; 2013年7月19日上午8:03
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