Borderlands 2 in the workshop
am i the only one who wants Borderlands 2 in the steam workshop? it would be so great
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it would be so great
Oh yes!
so is there any way to submit your ideas on what should be in the workshop?
Mr. T 2013年7月12日 6時46分 
yes yes yes and yes
any of you moders? got anything you want to put on the workshop?
iMoose 2013年7月12日 15時07分 
That would be awesome, I'm waiting for it to be on the summer sale though. I already have it on my xbox but not on the PC.
Korial 2013年7月12日 15時22分 
+1 to this fantastic idea
Isn't it quite a hard engine to mod with?
(I'm not a pro, but I've heard something like that in the past)
I condone this
not bad
cc? 2013年7月15日 16時07分 
it would be interesting to see what new stuff they can add from the workshop
good idea
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1-15 / 18 のコメントを表示
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