Spoodi 2013年7月4日 8時37分
Workshop is good
You can actually learn all about steam here^^
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§C.S.C.C§Puma62.be 2013年7月4日 8時43分 
Hi, yes if everyone is honest there is a way to know what we do not know, and trover what we seek. But like me, you have to wait and wait for answers. Puma62
§C.S.C.C§Puma62.be 2013年7月4日 8時48分 
HO, fast, but what games do you play, the more I write only through Google translation, so my English is not great, and I am Belgian
Spoodi 2013年7月4日 8時49分 
The games i play is Mount&Blade: Warband and Mount&Blade: With Fire and Sword
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