blackcap2™ 2013年7月3日 21時18分
Problem with TF2 Backpack Icon for Model.
So I want to upload an item to the Workshop through the Beta Importer in TF2, I have everything except for the Backpack Icon. I've tried to create one but it doesn't load. Every time I try to upload an icon it says "Load Failed *location of tga* ". I think it's not the alpha channel thing or the size because it doesn't tell me that. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Can someone explain to me what the problem might be or how to make an Icon the proper way? Thank you
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Ropey Potato - Trading 2013年7月3日 21時29分 
same with me
blackcap2™ 2013年7月3日 21時30分 
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