TannerTheLegend 2013 年 7月 2 日 @ 下午 5 時 54 分
L4D2 Add-On problems
Ok, lately whenever I launch L4D2 when the main menu comes up it starts to load my add-ons and then I get booted from the game. If anyone can help me figure out what the problem is or possibly help me fix it I would greatly appreciate it.
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ScrapedOffRoad(Maddogge) 2013 年 10月 10 日 @ 下午 1 時 34 分 
Same issue here. I uninstalled the game 6-8 months back or more . Reinstalled it a day or two ago because I was back in the mood and can't get it to play. I have no addon's at this time but it acts like it is downloading those I used to have installed. It starts up goes to the menu screen like you said and the thingy next to addon's is spinnin. Then up pops a little progress bar near the middle bottom. No way to stop it.

I then pick my campaign and start the game I usually can pick up the med kit and an extra pistol and before the game crashes I did make it downstairs to the first door and shoot. I gett a sound loop then it die. I don't always get the sound loop though. ()% of the time when the gram crashes it takes Steam with it and I have to kill the process in the taskmanager in order to reload Steam.

Just plain wierd . I reinstalled HL2 to check but it's playing fine. Just seems to be L4D2. I haven't tried L4D1.
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