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Bork Bork 25/jun/2013 às 16:38
Should they rethink classes?
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Bork Bork 25/jun/2013 às 16:38 
I think that they should
Stair Ghost 25/jun/2013 às 16:47 
1. This doesn't belong in the workshop section.
2. No.
xaP 26/jun/2013 às 6:43 
xaP 26/jun/2013 às 6:43 
and no
THE STRATEGIZER 26/jun/2013 às 11:33 
Considering how long it has been out, and how successful it still is, no
LawL 26/jun/2013 às 18:23 
RAWR can I haz cheez?
O'Snapples 27/jun/2013 às 22:30 
Tibbles 28/jun/2013 às 0:46 
youngstr8 28/jun/2013 às 0:57 
NO, with how diverse the classes already are, what could they POSSIBLY do?
Kei 28/jun/2013 às 2:56 
Would you recommend me this game?
Bork Bork 5/jul/2013 às 14:14 
YEs i would recomend tf2

Uncle Joe 5/jul/2013 às 18:53 
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