Logo Request for upcoming gaming organisation.
Community request! I know there is a lot of talented people out here, so here we go:

Upcoming organisation n-gage.tv is searching for a logo.

It has to be 1920x1080 with 300 dpi 2D. Something cool with n-gage.tv in it or something else, let your imagination go wild.

The logo that gets picked will finish on all n-gage sites/affiliated sites The maker will have opportunity to work on all future projects of n-gage.tv (there will be a lot of stuff) and earn some cash.

Send your logos to fear_pro@hotmail.com or add skype : http://koti.mbnet.fi/erikpel/scripti.html

Can't wait to see your work, good luck!

Well, n-gage.tv will be gaming ladder community for Dota2,CS:GO,LoL,WoT,HoN,SC2 and couple of more games, so i think something "simple" would do the work.

Mybe something with name n-gage would be nice, or something when u see that logo, u know its about gaming. Shield,swords,rifles,bows etc etc .

Plz to be HD 1920x1080 and 300dpi, and i will resize.

Tnx once more !!!!!
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