How do you upload your Skyrim Workshop texture mods to Nexus?
I have submitted one of my mods to the nexus, so I have inputted all the details already.

However, to publish it, I need to obviously upload the relevant files. I vaguely get the impression that I need to upload my textures (.dds files) and also the Creation Kit edits that are involved. Thing is, I don't know how..

The problem I have is that I have no experience in using the tools needed like winrar for example. to extract, compress, package whatever it is that I have to do...

Anyone have any ideas? I'm stuck :/
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royandanna Jun 19, 2013 @ 6:02pm 
If you are using Windows operating systems and trying to publish to Nexxus you can typically just put all your files into a folder, right click the folder and select send which will open another drop down box and select compressed file. The you can upload that compressed folder to the nexxus. Be sure to add a readme.txt file that tells users how to install the files.
First let me say thank you very much for your reply

hmm..I don't know any of to do it etc...I need someone to friend me and walk me through the click this click that procedure. To help, here's what I have/know:

- I understand where to go if someone says 'click on this, click on that' etc,

- I have winrar, but not sure how to use it (however, I was able to use it with downloading and installing SKSE ONLY BECAUSE GOPHER DID A VIDEO SHOWING IT)

- I use WIN XP OS.

- My mod has .dds texture files, .nif meshes files and Creation kit data plug in of the mod. (I am guessing these files are located in my Skyrim data folder?...Do I need to include the meshes files, the .dds texture files and the creation kit mod all into one file? How on earth does one do that?)
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