terraria needs workshop!!!!! and now starbound does
最近の変更は|CTS|The Darkest Shadowが行いました; 2014年1月22日 14時56分
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i agree Тоесть я согласен !
CeeGix 2013年6月23日 11時25分 
Male07 2013年6月24日 20時07分 
I Agree Sir
thank you for agreeing to my discussion
Agree. Agree so much, that I climbed Mt. Everest just to type this comment.
Extra ore, and animals would be amazing. *when the update comes up*
i agree completely
thank you guys so much for agreeing
I agree ^^
Ex 2013年6月29日 6時29分 
I agree
That would be very cool, perhaps that will be included in the new update?
I would really like Terraria to have the Workshop, it'd give me another excuse to get back into it. I played it a bunch again when I heard the rumored update to shake off the rust, but the Workshop would mean I might not go away again.
I would love more content. Workshop would be amazing
BB-8 2013年6月30日 14時19分 
lol, incredible
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