jon.wd7 2013年3月9日 4時07分
Skyrim Workshop content theft
User SupernaturalKath has stolen various mods from various Nexus users.

Are ripped directly from the Nexus, including screenshots.

The Nexus versions are here:

Some other CONFIRMED STOLEN mods:

DreamBurrow's Sage Outfit Retexture mod.
volvaga0's Blade of Olympus mod
newermind43's Queen of the Damned - Akasha Dress mod (Renamed to Queen Vampire Dress)
newermind43's Xena - Warrior Princess mod.

The simple fact that MULTIPLE mod authors are claiming that she has stolen our work is proof enough, and whatever "proof" she has provided to have these mods unbanned is obviously questionable.

FOUR of my screenshots from my Footprints mod have been used.
The TEXTURES are identical between mods.
The FILESIZE is identical between mods: 30.1MB for both the ESP/BSA files.

Secondly, the ESP file used to contain my author name until she caught her mistake and released an update.

Edit: See my first comment below for INCONTROVERTIBLE PROOF.

I will be sending a DMCA takedown notice for my mod, the second I can actually figure out how to email a Workshop moderator.


User has been banned and the stolen mods removed.

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jon.wd7 2013年3月9日 4時35分 
I bothered to Subscribe to my stolen mod, and compare the ESP and BSA files:

First shows ONE difference in ESP file... They changed the Author name.
Second shows ZERO difference in BSA file... They didn't even unpack it to make any changes. This means that this mod is literally identical... a straight rip from my Nexus page.
*lorelai* 2013年3月9日 5時16分 
Yeah, I'm willing to bet that all of the mods on his workshop are stolen. Xena outfit also has a "No reupload" policy...the Witcher's Silver Sword too...

The nerve of some people...
The authors need to be made aware of this.
*lorelai* 2013年3月9日 5時26分 
OK. Here are some links to the Nexus. Xena outfit by Newermind43 Witchers Silver Sword by Kimono Queen of the damned-Akasha Dress by Newermind43 (he - the thief - named this one "Queen Vampire Dress" DreamBurrows Sage Outfit Retexture Standalone by DreamBurrow
John 2013年3月9日 5時49分 
He keeps removing comments ( SupernaturalKath) I pointed it out this morning with the dreamburrow 1 how it was a RIP then it was removed (my comment),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,your link just got removed as well,,,, jon.wd7,,,,,,,,i did report this morning it is 12:00 midnight hear in AUS..........He has RIPPED heaps of ♥♥♥♥
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jon.wd7 2013年3月9日 6時54分 
I even re-reported it by editing the HTML so I could click Report again, so that I could include a link to this discussion where I include INCONTROVERTIBLE PROOF that this mod is an identical copy of my original mod.

Apparently despite me providing a BINARY DIFF of the ESP and BSA files to the moderators, this SupernaturalKath idiot can come up with whatever "proof" they want to get their file unbanned.
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Hypno 2013年3月9日 6時56分 
Add the hair colour mod to the list of stolen property.

This guys a joke. He'll be claiming Frostfall or USKP as his own pretty soon!
Svammelie 2013年3月9日 6時59分 
The footprints file is not gone?
I can't believe that these things are actually happening.... just wow... why?
[DAoA]Silvermann 2013年3月9日 7時01分 
Well, I'd hate to bring this up, lest they learn this, too, but if you look into the .pex files in both version, it will all be sorted out. The .pex files have your name in it jon (unless he claims that his name, too).
jon.wd7 2013年3月9日 7時02分 
DAoASilvermann の投稿を引用:
Well, I'd hate to bring this up, lest they learn this, too, but if you look into the .pex files in both version, it will all be sorted out. The .pex files have your name in it jon (unless he claims that his name, too).
The ESP file is 99.9999% identical. The only thing they did was change the "Author" in the ESP file.

The BSA files are identical, and haven't even been repackaged.
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faeriexdecay 2013年3月9日 7時09分 
I reported all of the ones I recognized. =/
Svammelie 2013年3月9日 7時13分 
And now it's gone again? Hope it stays that way!
andrewsgn 2013年3月9日 9時53分 
It's up again. It seems like she's just taking them down to remove comments accusing her of stealing them.
Svammelie 2013年3月9日 10時03分 
Oh my. This is really frustrating. Can't imagine how it feels for the authors of the stolen mods...
InsanitySorrow 2013年3月9日 10時05分 
The Raven Swords belong to Nicoroshi, pretty sure he didn't give permission for the upload.

Nexus Link -
faeriexdecay 2013年3月9日 10時12分 
Yep, back up... and our comments are still being deleted. I will continue to comment/report. :)
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