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Raikkiri Mar 3, 2013 @ 8:49pm
New Scout Set: Ninja Scout
Now I know what your thinking; Ninja Scout?? Just bear with me a moment. Ninjas are awesome, incredibly agile, fast and can climb to places that most others cant. So of course if I want a ninja set, I want it on the Scout. Now, down to the Slot load-outs.

Slot 1: Ninja Spikes
Ninja Spikes, or Senbon, are basically Slim Metal Rods that are pointy at one or both ends. More than one can be thrown at once, and I was thinking of it being loaded Beggar's Bazooka style of holding down the attack button to load more up to a total of, say, 12, and once it was released it fires 12 pellets of pointy rod downrange, messing up someone's day.

Slot 2: Caltrops and Smoke Eggs
Well lets clear up the confusion right away. Real life ninja, back in the day, used to empty eggs by poking a needle in them and then filling it with crushed pepper. They would then Paint over the hole in the egg to seal it (maybe with some team specific color?) when the time was needed and it needed to be used, they simply took the egg, crushed it, and threw the cloud of pepper into their enemies eyes. Completely off topic, but that's how Pepper Spray was invented. Game-wise, blinding one enemy in the midst of combat wouldn't be that useful, but making it so that enemies (*cough* snipers *cough*) can't view a certain area could be incredibly useful. Caltrops are fairly straight-forward. Sharp pieces of metal that can be thrown on the ground to slow opponents and cause small damage and bleeding. Excellent tool for losing someone who is chasing you, or for having around your friendly Engineer for causing those pesky Spies to bleed.

Slot 3: Ninjato
The Ninja Sword, also known as the Nin-to or Ninjato, is a short, straight-edged blade. Traditionally the scabbard that held the blade was usually 3-4 inches longer than the actually blade itself. This was used to trick the enemy into thinking that the blade was longer than it actually was, allowing ninja to draw the blade faster than the enemy could expect. the extra 3-4 inches was usually used to hold small weapons (like spikes) or poison. But in terms of game-play, its a sword, what else did you expect?

I think that this could be a cool set to have, since it has you play a character a little differently. I think that for a game this old, sometimes its nice to shake things up. Now I'm not saying we should give a Heavy a way to cloak, but you know what I mean. Since I am bad at actually making stuff (Believe me, I've tried. A lot) anyone who wants to make it, the creative part is yours, just give me a shout when you plan on posting it and make sure my name is somewhere.
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True Capitalist Mar 4, 2013 @ 7:33am 
Ninja Spikes? Huh. I'm a bit doubtful about this one. I mean, a Scout is known for hit'n run play styles. With this, you would need to charge the attack first, which, in unexpected encounters, could result in a quick death. Believe me, turning a corner to find a Demoman ready to spam nades, you seriously need a Scattergun for quick meatshots. That's what pretty much every Scout shotgun does, and these don't really fit the general style. A good idea would be having the Scout to throw the spikes in packs of four/five at once, but have some sort of cooldown, like reloading after every shot. They would be a great weapon to quickly deal a lot of damage, but lose an edge in sustained dps (damage per second).

Caltrops...yes, I definitely see these used to blind enemies and charge in to quickly hit them, or blind chokepoints to enemies' eyes.

For the Ninjato, judging from the info you gave, I'd suggest giving it more range (kinda like the Eyelander), and a quicker draw. The first hit 3 seconds after drawing the weapon would have 30% more damage than the default Bat, but would make you suffer a 30% speed loss due to "losing momentum". It could be used as a quick attack to finish enemies. Did I mention that it does 20% less damage than default after being held for more than 3 seconds?

The gameplay of this Scout would be used as an assassination man, to quickly rush to a chokepoint, blind enemies, throw Spikes, and chop with your Ninjato that pesky Medic to finish him, and make the enemy team lose a valuable member. However, it would be an overall lose over the default Scout, which had more the support role, mainly capturing points and distracting enemies. A completely new way to play, which is exactly what new item sets need to be.

I may be interested in making this, but I need some images.
Raikkiri Mar 4, 2013 @ 10:49am 
Going to have to be more specific I'm afraid when it comes to images. If you want a general idea of what it looks like, Here are some links



Smoke Egg: Its an egg.

Ninjato: (this pic also has a different version of both Spikes and Caltrops)

Happy Hunting
DJOkamical Mar 4, 2013 @ 5:19pm 
looks interesting.

I love weapon sets that change general class gameplay :)

(Battle medic, suicide demo, and Huntsman snipah ftw)
Grant Apr 26, 2013 @ 1:21am 
i like the blinding technique but fo that i thnk you would see like pyrovision where you dont see anyone!
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