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Statyk 9 Feb 1, 2013 @ 10:01pm
Help, Maya User Making Heavy Weapon
Hey there,
I'm working with Autodesk Maya 2011 and I've been searching and searching, trying tutorials, and struggling because mainly, they're either for hats or Half-Life objects and aren't giving me the results I need.

I'm working on a custom Heavy weapon called "The Riveting Russian" and I'm having some trouble getting it to work correctly. Should I compile with Itemtest? Or another program? And if so, could you point me to the correct program?... If you could add me as a friend and guide me through it, I would be most grateful, honestly.

I want to test the angle, size, and position of the gun before going into texturing it (I made a rough, quick AO bake onto the model to have something visible in game for now) if you want to check out the last HQ render of the gun that I made, here's a preview of it:

Any help would be greatly appreciated... I'm not a genius at Source, so I need some tips here. No clear guides for TF2 Weapon creation for Maya are coming up for me...

PS: The most helpful tutorial I've used was this one, but it proved faulty where I was compiling with ConTEXT. The hl2 model viewer didn't load the model, saying there was errors, and when I went to test the .mdl in TF2 anyway, the game froze and shut down without an error...
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Statyk 9 Feb 2, 2013 @ 10:36am 
I see guns are being made by others, can no one help or point to me where I COULD get some help? =[
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