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Silavite Jan 24, 2013 @ 6:57pm
Insturmental Weapons
Got an idea for a new few weapons... They're insturments.
Spy-Knife: Baton - This is beautifully conducted... Right through the victim's heart.
Just looks different :)

Sniper-Bow: Violin-O'-Doom - With this, you most certainly can convince dad you're NOT a crazed gunman.
Makes violin sound when plucked. (Used)
+No trail, unlike the huntsman
+Can have an different power/RoF ratios with the bow on different strings.
-Can be burnt by Pyro
-No random criticals

Scout-Bat: Drumstick - Gotta' stay on the beat(ing) with this piece of work!
Drumbeat sound when opponent hit
+25% RoF
-May break in use

Heavy-Minigun: Tuba - You may be able to outsmart heavy, but you can't outsmart B FLAT!
+30% Power
-15% RoF
15% LONGER Spin up time
-Very loud spin up and while firing (Tuba being played sound)
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Narchu Pikana Feb 17, 2013 @ 6:46pm 
I will admit I would love to see more musical based items and even weapons, but I'm not sure for some of these. The Baton for Spy sounds fair. The Sniper one sounds funny...and funny is fitting in TF2. Drumstick is ok...I feel if RoF goes up a bit it may need to be a little weaker (even if it already is weaker) and should there be like a meter until how close until broken? As for the Tuba...that seems very Brass Beast like, though I will admit, due to name that feels somewhat fitting...
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