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rabscootle 11 Jan 23, 2013 @ 7:34am
[PLEASE READ] How can the Workshop improve?
What do you mean there is a problem with the workshop?
If you think the Steam Workshop is flawless and needs no improvement, it is probably because you have no experience working with it. One thing that gravely affects the fate of most submitted items is the low support from users browsing the hub we know as the Steam Workshop. As of the beginning, users have relied on their place on the "Most Popular" category to gain the support from other users, which is needed for a chance for the item to possibly be implemented into the game intended. Usually, many high quality items from users new to the workshop always face a threat, the small number of subscribers. Because of this, many users are unaware of the item's existence, resulting to low votes towards the item. This can be very dissapointing for a user who has put a great deal of effort towards their creation. However, there is a way this problem can be permenantly resolved.

How can we solve this issue?
If you have ever been on an online retail website (e.g Amazon, EBay, etc.), one feature that stands out is a section advertising similar items. By storing the user's recent searches and products he/she has viewed, it is able to locate items that would seem to pertain to his interests. Utilizing the categories seen on an item's page in the workshop, it is possible to find similar items residing in the categories of recently liked or favorite items (For example, a person would be shown three Heavy miscellaneous items upon favoriting an item in that category). As the user browses, more results would appear, the items featured ever changing depending on the items liked or favorited, with favorites having a greater influence over a positive vote.

Why would this be influential to the workshop later on?
If this system was ever implemented, it would serve a great benefit not only to the users submitting items, but also to companies that currently and are planning to utilize the workshop to improve upon their games.

-This is not an opportunity to insult the workshop and the employees at Valve responsible for it, but to serve as constructive criticism which can be utilized to improve the workshop and maybe the community as a whole!

*Please post your opinion below if you'd like! It would be very sweet if Valve ever decides to read this post with a large amount of comments from the community!
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