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Adding Workshop-Downloaded Campaigns to Dedicated Servers *SOLVED*
I've been looking everywhere for some sort of solution to this, but I can't find any. I've tried uploading my addons/workshop folder to a dedicated server (same directory), but I can't join the server without getting a reservation cookie bug. Manually installed campaigns work fine. I've also tried adding the workshop vpks to the addonlist.txt, but that doesn't work either. Is this simply not possible yet?

EDIT: Solved. Only problem is that servers don't recognize the workshop folder, so the contents of your addons/workshop folder should go in the addons folder (not addons/workshop) on the server.
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John Wick 1 Jan 26, 2013 @ 1:45pm 
Thank you for posting this. Unfortunately, when I follow your instructions I get this error message:

"Server is enforcing consistency for this file: addons/121507714.vpk"

That is the "4Below" campaign. I'm trying to play it in survival mode.

All I did was copy everything from /addons/workshop to /addons/ on the server. The campaign works just fine on the client - so I can play it on a local server.

Any ideas?!?

EDIT: Okay, this happens with any campaign that I try to play on my server.
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gH0sTy Jan 27, 2013 @ 1:07am 
L4D2 dedicated servers should allow to subscribe to workshop files and automatically download/update them if necessary.
That's how it works for Nuclear Dawn[www.nucleardawnthegame.com] and Natrual Selection 2 servers.
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