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Abomm Nov 25, 2012 @ 8:13am
Dealing with ramps in a platformer
I want to make a ramp (not like a skateboard with gravity and increasing speed but more like walking normally at 45* degree) and I looked at the tutorials that suggest: (in not really code)

If the space to the right is not free but the space to the right just above that is free then jump there.

This poses a few problems:
1- This eliminates speed from my game so I will not be able to do speed calculations
2- This does not solve going down ramps as that makes it so that the character goes airborne for short times and does not feel very polished

Is there a way I can a) incorporate speed variables while using jump functions OR b) use a combination of hspeed, vspeed and gravity to go up and down ramps smoothly?