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Conundrum 99 Sep 30, 2012 @ 1:49am
New Map Competition! Theme: Gels
Rules: 1. You have to at least put in 2 gels in your map. (you can put all 4 in but 2 will be fine) 2. No mods allowed. (including hammer) 3. Your map cannot be squished. (I mean make it really big) Go go go! The competition has started!
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Briz Scooz Sep 30, 2012 @ 2:41am 
Sounds great. Can it be a race?
Conundrum 99 Sep 30, 2012 @ 2:42am 
No, it has to be a test chamber where you can solve a puzzle.
Briz Scooz Sep 30, 2012 @ 2:43am 
How long do we have to complete?
Conundrum 99 Sep 30, 2012 @ 2:43am 
About a week.
Little Box 28 Sep 30, 2012 @ 3:12am 
Woa. I'm in too.

PS: why no mods?
Conundrum 99 Sep 30, 2012 @ 4:23am 
Because everyone can play fairly.
Chaos Wright 7 Sep 30, 2012 @ 5:43am 
where do we send our maps
Conundrum 99 Sep 30, 2012 @ 5:18pm 
You publish the map and send the link to this disscussion.
Conundrum 99 Oct 1, 2012 @ 12:11am 
Here's the link to an example I made that is allowed in the competition: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=100192133
But don't make the exact thing I made!
Chaos Wright 7 Oct 1, 2012 @ 10:29am 
here is my map it is called hide and seek enjoy
Butters Stotch 22 Oct 1, 2012 @ 12:38pm 
Sorry, my bad. Looking forward to creating a new one.
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Geneosis 90 Oct 1, 2012 @ 2:25pm 
The best gel map I made was probably the one where I used the BEE mod... But if you really are interested in mas using no mod at all, I can propose this old map ^^ :
Conundrum 99 Oct 1, 2012 @ 3:32pm 
O.K, Genenosis, you are supposed to make a map in a week's time period not send in an old one.

Butters Stotch, you only bring one map to the competition, and the same as I said with Geneosis.

Stagger Lee, no mods, whatsoever.

Everyone, the competition hasn't even started yet! I said I'd post the confirmed date to the discussion, then you all start. Right now you should be thinking up of ideas. Calm down everyone!
Conundrum 99 Oct 1, 2012 @ 3:34pm 
I will try there's always room for gel by Stagger Lee because it looks cool.

More posts soon!
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