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Legend of Grimrock

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peeba  [developer] 2 Sep 28, 2012 @ 7:38am
Beta-1.2.12 is now available!
Friday update!

Beta-1.2.12 has been sent to Steam. The update should be available in a few hours and update automatically. If Steam has problems updating the build you can try restarting the Steam client and clicking on Verify Integrity of Game Cache in Legend of Grimrock / Properties.

If you think you have found a bug, please check that the bug is not in the Known Issues list before reporting (see below).

We're getting close to the end of beta. Please send your feedback now.

Changes since beta-1.2.11:
- added console clear button
- "bad object" error is now thrown when trying to use a destroyed entity
- when an item is consumed, it is converted to an item determined by its emptyItem property
- removed potion property (no longer needed because emptyItem can do the same thing and more)
- added "Back to Game" to File menu
- autocompletion now supports mouse selection
- bigger multiline textboxes for dungeon description, scrolls and wall texts (\n is no longer supported, use real newlines instead)
- fixed issues with copy-pasting invalid characters from an external text editor to textboxes
- added new scripting functions Item:getStackSize() and Item:getCharges()
- changed default key binding for Toggle Fullscreen to Ctrl-F (existing key bindings in grimrock.cfg are not changed)
- added cyclical table support for save games (e.g. "a = {}; a[1] = a" is now serialized properly)
- bug fix: mouse cursor gets hidden if scripting error occurs in free look mode
- bug fix: fire and poison on-screen effects are played when a fire/poison spell activates in the same square but on other level than the party
- bug fix: very long strings in textboxes crash the editor
- bug fix: crystals and torches are silent after loading a saved game
- bug fix: crash when destroying an item in response to the item being placed on a pressure plate
- bug fix: pressure plate under the party does not activate when starting a new game
- bug fix: champion order can't be changed in non-fullscreen preview window
- bug fix: when opening the automap in the small preview window, the text names of the levels are HUGE
- bug fix: very long error messages overflow from the message box area
- bug fix: map markers can't be added/removed in the small preview window

Known Issues:
- textures & sound are not reloaded even if the project is reloaded (the editor has to be restarted)
- Steam think grimrock process is still running if web browser was launched by selecting Help from menu before shutting down the game
- clicking "resume" from the pause menu throws away the item on the mouse cursor
- if you give setMouseItem() an item that's placed already somewhere on the level, and then player tries to place that item on the ground, the game crashes "item is already placed".
- cloned Orb of Radiance does not glow
- cloned Uggardian does not have the flame effect
- cloned cube crashes the editor
- setMouseItem(spawn("dagger")) and variants do not work from console (scripts work ok)

The beta 1.2.x series also fixes the following issues in the main game (the original Legend of Grimrock dungeon):
- added check for unnamed prisoners in character generation
- bug fix: mouse look does not work when standing in front of a wall tapestry
- bug fix: when importing a custom portrait, the original portrait becomes "locked" and can't be chosen for other characters
- bug fix: on screen exp indicator displays an incorrect amount of exp when killing an advanced monster with level greater than 1
- bug fix: no exp is gained if a monster is killed by Dismantler's lightning effect or Icefall Hammer's frost burst effect
- bug fix: when the cube crushes a monster, monster's death effect is played multiple times if the cube moves back and forth
- bug fix: game refuses to start if the documents folder is mapped to a network location
- bug fix: "Level up!" text above attack frames does not scale with resolution
- bug fix: tooltips are buggy in 2560x1600 resolution
- bug fix: exp is awarded to wrong characters if party marching order is changed before damage is dealt (e.g. cast fireball, reorder champions before fireball kills a monster)