Legend of Grimrock

Legend of Grimrock

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peeba  [developer] 2 Sep 26, 2012 @ 7:17am
Beta-1.2.11 is released!
Beta-1.2.11 has been released. This build is mostly a hotfix for a couple of annoying bugs.

If you think you have found a bug, please check that the bug is not in the Known Issues list before reporting (see below).

Thanks to everybody for relentless testing! Have fun!

Changes since beta-1.2.10:
- added scrollbar to inspector
- bug fix: destroyed blockages result in "table index is nil" crash when map is unloaded or preview is stopped
- bug fix: after pressing Alt Gr it is no longer possible to select any entity on the map

Known Issues:
- textures & sound are not reloaded even if the project is reloaded (the editor has to be restarted)
- Steam think grimrock process is still running if web browser was launched by selecting Help from menu before shutting down the game
- clicking "resume" from the pause menu throws away the item on the mouse cursor
- when opening the automap in the small preview window, the text names of the levels are HUGE
- pasting text with newline characters to a singleline textbox causes part of the text to disappear (single line text boxes don't filter newlines)
- dungeon description box is tiny
- if you give setMouseItem() an item that's placed already somewhere on the level, and then player tries to place that item on the ground, the game crashes "item is already placed".
- cloned Orb of Radiance does not glow
- cloned Uggardian does not have the flame effect
- cloned cube crashes the editor
- setMouseItem(spawn("dagger")) and variants do not work from console (scripts work ok)