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peeba  [developer] 2 Sep 14, 2012 @ 6:35am
Beta-1.2.7 now available!
Friday update!

A new build, version beta-1.2.7 has been pushed to Steam. The update should be available in a few hours and update automatically. If Steam has problems updating the build you can try restarting the Steam client and clicking on Verify Integrity of Game Cache in Legend of Grimrock / Properties.

It is important that all testing from now happens with beta-1.2.7. Please check that beta-1.2.7 is displayed in the main menu.

If you think you have found a bug in beta-1.2.7, please check that the bug is not in the Known Bugs list before reporting (see below).

Thanks to everybody for relentless testing! Have fun!

Changelog for beta-1.2.7:
- new scripting functions: Monster:addItem(), PressurePlate:isUp(), PressurePlate:isDown()
- new functionality: items can be added to be carried by monsters in the inspector
- new functionality: counters now deactivate when their value changes from zero to non-zero value
- changed functionality: Counter:reset() resets counter to initial value instead of zero
- improved handling of error in the configuration file
- bug fix: editor crashes when selecting an entity from context menu and the entity has been deleted
- bug fix: long dungeon description texts have overlapping lines in choose dungeon's description area
- bug fix: crash when spawning a new starting location while starting location is selected
- bug fix: starting location created with Y shortcut has invalid entity id
- bug fix: map markers added in the editor and moused over it in the preview crash the game
- bug fix: when in the code editor and having no text selected, pressing Ctrl-C or Ctrl-X crash the editor
- bug fix: going back to the choose dungeon menu by exiting character generation screen crashes
- bug fix: activating a spawner with invalid spawned entity property crashes
- bug fix: slimes don't attack through gratings
- bug fix: pit trapdoors disappear when loading a saved game
- bug fix: damageTile causes an error if impact flag is enabled and when dealing physical damage to a monster
- bug fix: if you stop the preview with Shift-F5 when in fullscreen mode, F no longer minimizes the preview
- bug fix: trying to open/close a wall gratings crashes
- bug fix: crash on startup if running with non-widescreen display resolution
- bug fix: if a trapdoor opens beneath a monster/item/party and there is no level below, the editor crashes
- bug fix: items can be picked up through wooden doors

Known Bugs:
- choose dungeon dialog has a "Delete" button instead of "Unsubscribe" for Workshop mods that have been subscribed to while the game is running
- editor crashes when an item is placed on a pressure plate
- loading a dungeon and starting the preview may crash if there are entities on a pressure plate
- initial window size isn't quite right when going from native full res to windowed mode
- when opening the automap in the small preview window, the text names of the levels are HUGE
- plants may be automatically generated hanging mid-air over stairs
- pasting text with newline characters to a singleline textbox causes part of the text to disappear
- Toorum's Thunderstruck talent is missing
- when you add an element by right clicking on the map, several entities are added
- if the party dies while free look is active, mouse cursor gets hidden
- setMouseItem("dagger") crashes
- if you give setMouseItem() an item that's placed already somewhere on the level, and then player tries to place that item on the ground, the game crashes "item is already placed".
- crash if party falls into a "double pit" (two pits over each other) and there is no level below the last pit
- parameters of defineXXX() and cloneObject() functions are not checked, so invalid parameters may cause all sorts of crashes