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jommieman 4 Sep 9, 2012 @ 1:43pm
new stuff
how do I get new stuff to build with?
I'm not so technical and dyslexic then like to explain very easily
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The Imaginator 29 Sep 10, 2012 @ 9:22am 
If you aren't very technical, there is no way to get "new stuff" until/unless VALVe releases updates that provide more tools.

What's in the Puzzlemaker are almost everything experienced in the game that VALVe considers balanced or fair. For example, some players have asked to put additional doors in their puzzles, but none of Valve's puzzles in Portal 2 has more than 2 doors -- the entrance and exit. Only areas outside of regular puzzles contain elements like the mashy spike plate.

If you want to get extra elements for your puzzlemaker, you need to do one of two things:

1. Download and install Hammer (aka, Portal 2 authoring tools in Steam). You can find this in your "Tools" menu in Steam and download it for free.
2. Download and install user created mods for the puzzlemaker, like #BEEmod (Ben's Extended Editor) or carl.kenner's #stylemod. #BEEmod contains things like doors, logic gates, mashy spike plates, auto portals and pneumatic diversity vents. The primary "new" element in #stylemod is the not-fully-implemented weak reflection gel, which reflects lasers. (You can't even see it working unless the laser hits gel on an angled panel.)

If you go #1, know that Hammer is VERY technical. It's a 3D rendering program that lets you build worlds from scratch. Literally. You don't start with a neat little room with entrance & exit: You start with NOTHING. You then add walls and floors, and decide how thick they should be, what textures to give them, etc. There are many tutorials online.

If you go #2, know that amateur modders do not work for VALVe and their mods may break your game, despite their best intentions. You also should have a working knowledge of moving files, backing up files, manual installing and uninstalling if you use mods; in other words, you should know how modding works and be aware of the risks to your game.

Those are the only two methods to get "new stuff" to build with. The good news is there actually aren't even that many more elements. For example, while some mods include Pneumatic Diversity Vents, VALVe took them out because they were so hard to balance.
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